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Nice, that all sounds great.  

Ah I see! Yes they were killed during exploration, just wasn't sure if there was going to be any change to indicate that. Also one other thing, could the items used for expeditions be labelled? 

How exactly was the capture system improved? In my game, the girls still got captured off screen with no indication that they were (Other than a moan and them going missing.) Also noticed a few glitches with the expeditions, sometimes an event will succeed on one page and fail on the other. 

How's the development of the game coming along? 

Fair enough, that makes sense! Didn't realise it was poetry, that would be tough to translate. 

Thank you that's the right one! 

Also on Pyramid II there are invisible Scorpions, unsure if that's a glitch or intentional, just letting you know!  

I'm struggling to be able to download the latest version. The two latest versions listed don't have the game itself in the files when I extract it, are these the intended game files suited for windows? 

Do you plan on making an English version? This looks great~

It would be nice to have more influence over the exploration. Being able to give the girls an item to take with, or a general area to focus on, or send them out in pairs for safety, etc. 

Items you find on an expedition or exploration will appear in the cabin before that character returns. And on a humorous note, the stereo continues to play during the gameover screen.  

Also more interactions between them based on their relationships would be interesting, such as negative ones being a potential outcome. 

Oh and a possible Archive that keeps track of scenes you've read and done. The gallery is nice for being able to see the pictures, but being able to read their corresponding posts would be even better. 

Enjoy the game a lot overall though :)

RogueLove community · Created a new topic Demo Questions

I'm considering donating to the devs patreon, but before I do, I wanna find out about the state of Roguelove. I've played the demo and I imagine it's out of date to the current state of the game but I wanna check how much. 

In the demo I'm seemingly unable to lose, and the health and lust bars seem to have no effect on me. I take it the game at it's current state has those features? 

Not sure if you plan on continuing development of this but it's a really interesting and unique game with a lot of potential. I like the art, design ideas and concept a lot, and look forward to checking out your other games!

Never mind, turned out it was a mistake on my half. I tried a new playthrough and I got the options for expeditions that are implemented and those worked fine. I just didn't realise that certain ones weren't yet, my bad. 

Charming little game. The retro aesthetic is well implemented and It's nice seeing small projects like this that are unafraid to be cryptic, kinky and charming. 

Cute little game! Really appreciated the variety of partners, kinks and genders available. Would be nice to see more quality of life features like a gallery, but still a great little erotic game.

Enjoying the game! I'm having issues going on an expedition, the game isn't responding to my clicks and I'm wondering if this is a glitch or something I'm missing mechanically? 

Big fan of your games! I'm wondering if there's any difference between this and the upcoming steam version? I have the same question for Maid Mansion as well. 

Big fan of your games! I'm wondering if there's any difference between this and the steam version? Same question for Slimy Sextet.

Take care of yourself! You made a great little game, and I hope everything goes well for you in the future!

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Enjoying the game a lot! I'm wondering if you exit in the middle of a round, do you lose any experience or achievements you gained during that round? 

Thank you for the  detailed reply! 

Hi there! 

I'm interested in purchasing this, and some of your other games. However I'd wanna know more details about the NSFW content first.

Do you have any particular kinks your games include and/or focus on? And if so, do any involve bestial (Zombies, monsters, etc.) content?