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if you have an energy overflow you can store the power in your batteries for later use. (for Example: you are using the water extractor to power the steam generator to generate power and you don´t have other generators, you have to power the extractor by the generator, but the generator needs water to give power now you use the power from the batteries) :) could be shorter but I hope u understand

I don´t know how, but at mine (Win10 Home IDK the Version, but it hasn´t any longer support) it works

In Tar Fields round 31 ist hard, too

(Get as much stuff to destroy a flying ship as you can ;) 

U can use the thermal pump do get lava, too. Then it's a liquid.

Did you create any Safe? (Exported Data) If not, idk.

Try "Settings" -> "Controls"

2nd time-> 3 hour

U can give them anything u want at:

(it´s the normal download button)

but yup, they could sell the game later.