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ye, u are allowed to donate anything, but the game itself is 100% free

It could take water from any special block, if there isn't any water on the map.

you can choose your resources in the start of your game, if you reached wave 15 (most time)

To fly with larger mechs use a key (on German Keyboard it's alt I think)

Add a Dieter top destroy only one Type of meterial

Free translation: very best game

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I'll buy too.

It's Not the bonus mmaterial, it's for Anuke!

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In the discord message about the steam version, he said something like " if you paid, you´ll get a key"

EDIT: If you previously purchased the game on, you will soon be recieving a Steam key for the game. This will take about a day (perhaps more) to set up.

that were the original words

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you can leave the game in any round and export it. If you lose you can load the latest safe and probably launch. how to export: settings -> game Data -> export data 

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I had the same Idea, I would help with an german one. :) or improve the actual one.

but if you have any type of defense system, which kill everything you can keep playingand use a launchpad. this is helpfull if you want to get different things for the tree, too. Especially if your drills are faster than your production of the wanted stuff

use a pump or on maps without water spots you can use the water extractor to get water

if you have an energy overflow you can store the power in your batteries for later use. (for Example: you are using the water extractor to power the steam generator to generate power and you don´t have other generators, you have to power the extractor by the generator, but the generator needs water to give power now you use the power from the batteries) :) could be shorter but I hope u understand

I don´t know how, but at mine (Win10 Home IDK the Version, but it hasn´t any longer support) it works

In Tar Fields round 31 ist hard, too

(Get as much stuff to destroy a flying ship as you can ;) 

U can use the thermal pump do get lava, too. Then it's a liquid.

Did you create any Safe? (Exported Data) If not, idk.

Try "Settings" -> "Controls"

2nd time-> 3 hour

U can give them anything u want at:

(it´s the normal download button)

but yup, they could sell the game later.