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Hmm, I would have to go try and recreate the bug.
Have you tried restarting the game to try again? 

Did you successfully complete the Simon says Puzzle?

(Or did you "break" it and open the side door?)

The main method of deliver the food is walking across the bridge and jumping or walking on top of him. (There's a big box over him that you can stand on. And for spawning food, you have to throw the food on the ground it spawn more (There's a limit to amount of food that can spawn because y'know lag)

Yea, I always enjoy making party games for Jams! I went into the project wanting to just make a fun toy with throwing food at other players, really glad you guys are enjoying yourselves!

That's unfortunate. May I ask how you were you trying to score?  You're able to score by walking the food to the top of the Large Bot in the middle. 

Yea definitely! Glad you liked the general feel of the "cute" factor.  Adding a better way for a single-person to play was in the works, but as with all game jams. Time is mean. 

You should only need submit a single project, if you both have an itch account, you should be able to add your partner as a contributor for easy access. Otherwise only one person needs to submit. Than that single game, is the thing that's submitted.

For anyone new stumbling in from the stream or just in general.

The game at current standpoint is in a very rough state. (We didn't ended up not getting enough time to add in feedback for powerups, but they are working)

There will be updates to add in those basic measures in the near future if anyone is still interested in giving this game another try in the future!

Heyo Level Designer here,
Kiting Zombies does tend to be a strategy that people start leaning to.  (Stretch goals did include having more affects, and scaling difficulty based time)
And for making the levels, I more or less whacked out, we had a lot of assets that we had and used. Re texturing, redoing the light, and moving props around can make a level look totally different! (Mostly did this with Tundra and Campfire)