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Libra 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

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The wall stick really made the gameplay hard to finish, but its a great great game! Love the vibes and the idea!

3rd stage had the bowser's castle music stuck in my head while playing it lol

Fire... truly. fire. Tears are flowing because of the beautiful masterpiece this game is. It truly embodies my hopes in dreams in an indie game, and I will do ANYTHING for yall, just. ask.

amazingly hot. the stunning graphics provides an atmosphere like no other. My grip is forced to be one-handed else a searing pain shall course through my futile attempt at keeping my willpower. 10/10.

I honestly wasn't expecting much, but the art and animations are surprisingly solid and smooth. Although the gameplay is a bit lackluster, it's a solid game!

Very cool! Veyry ccvery cool!

um intresting!!!!1!

This was EPIC. Veyr vyer very fun nostalic I am sad happy and cool. Anyways, there is a glitch where if you spam jump you kinda float in the air, its actually really fun to use though. Also first boss died in like two hits? once it started floating in the air I started floating too lol and It died in like 2 shots, and just wondering, is that the end? Anyways great game 8/10

hello my kittens! just wanted to tell you guys of this wonderful game! hehehe, don't be naughty... ;)

cool game bruv

Oh yeah, I also hate how the page is scrollable to the left and right, its absolutely revolting.

FIRE game, not to bad lag. Btw in web version esc key never works, so you get soft locked in tutorial. Also, did I say this game was fire? Anyways fire game.

The question is, how are YOU downloading it?

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But you're even greater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!11!1

very fun game :) although the blue platforms don't bring me along with them while going horizontally :(

WOW, this has HECKA potential, I am very excited for this game!

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It did not disappoint, the journey was truly a magical one. As the background changed, so did my heart, the out of body experience was conveyed through the slow fairy-like floating jumps, and as I got further through the game, the background reflected my feelings of uncertainty as it got more and more mysterious. There are only a few complaints:

I had no idea where I was going, there seems to be multiple pathways but I had no idea which one I should go

The boxes got repetitive real fast, wish they had variety on the textures and shapes

Not sure what or where the ending is. Is it the white background place?

Still, its a wonderful game! 

well said

This is such a wonderful little game I am considering taking your hand in marriage. My heart is full of both ecstasy and sadness. The dread comes from the inevitable end of the game, thank you for making such a wonderful creation.


im sure this game will become famous, very cool to shed light on this

Sadly, the game can't get past the Unity loading screen :/ its a shame, I was getting real excited... 

Very cool! Although it is isn't perfect, it is refreshing to play! Kube is def my favorite game

um... add a cooldown to the basketball throws, maybe an animation if you can figure that out... interesting game to say the least...

very cool and potential yes very cool I rate 7/10 only need to update pls update

Um... I guess I was expected a more unique concept? To pay to spawn at a checkpoint is pretty cool... but that's it. Nothing more is special about it, nothing else is really outstanding either. 

But, its not a bad game. 6.5/10

also why yall follow me? so I play ur game?

One Night at Flappy's community · Created a new topic fire

Im am crying it hurts the game is too fire!

sccreen is really big I have to zoom out really far, but pretty cool game!!!

Aw, seems like a really cool game but I can't get past the title screen, I pressed every key but it won't start!

very intresting, i do advise you to go first person else its really difficult

after i defeated the boss as slime, i respawned as a soul chest... defeated it again and it was good. also whenever I use shadow elf I also use mother slime's projectiles at this same time? anyways very cool game

very easy but very cool!


how respawn?

intresting, laggy at spawn

I am crying, please update. Please pleas epleas eplease pkease please please please please please please and thank you!


Art is beautiful, gameplay is both satisfying and unique.

Casual speedruns are fun and very possible.

UI clean and smooth

Chill music with satisfying beats

Only a few complaints: For the UI, sometimes you have to use the arrow keys to navigate, sometimes the WASD keys. Is this meant for controller? Very interesting...

The last level, oml, after so long I completed it with gold, but I have no idea how to do it with least amount of color changes.

And of course, the low amount of levels, PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!

8/10 in fun scale