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Thx! I hope to have the next level ready soon :) The Smugglers‘ Den turned out to be a bit more complicated than I imagined.

Thanks! If all goes well, level 8 will get published soon :)

A wonderful Christmas setting. The location allows for various playstyles and the new status effects nicely underline the atmosphere.

Sehr hübsch und sehr praktisch. Dankeschön.

Thank you! The next level takes a bit more time due to my daytime job.

Thank you :)

I run “The Great All Hallows' Eve Procession” yesterday at the SagaCon in Osnabrück. What a pleasure! While players don’t have much choice where to go, since they are part of a procession, there is are plenty of things to do and see. The random elements make the adventure fun to run, while the clear structure offers support for the GM. I highly recommend this piece for one or few shots. Bonus: the structure of the adventure makes it very easy to fit the game into a predefined time slot.

Thank you for your encouragement :) I really enjoy working on the project, although I probably have to spend some time next year to polish what I have.

Nice. A lot of things may happen on this packed map.

Thank you for your kind words. We had a lot of fun when we did a test run.

Dankeschön für das Update!

This is f*ing awesome. Too bad that I need a logo for a family-friendly game right now. I definitely will use it for other stuff. Cheers!

Thanks! I hope people are enjoying the crawl.

We are happy to announce that you can download the collection with 15+ levels at Please help us to support the American Society for Suicide Prevention.

Thanks for the suggestion. I plan to do an update on the weekend.

Thank you for your support!

Nice. One of my players’ characters dreams of becoming a slime. He just got his goal one steep closer. 

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Thank you. :)

Hi! We would like to include your level in the final release of the Mega-Dungeon Jam. Can you please contact me by email or discord? You should have received at least one email about the reboot :)

Neat 1D6 / 2D10 mechanics!

Hi! The project looks cool. For editing and feedback: Did you check at the DiS-discord if somebody can offer support? I am working today and don't have time. Sorry! Discord: 

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Thanks! I wanted to create something weird and unpredictable, which is not too complicated to run.

Good morning! Thanks for the images. I used one as a background in my first zine in 25 years or so:

Thanks again.