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fun, but too easy.

Great game

There should be a way to skip through the dialogs and cutscenes. They are annoyingly slow.

I did not seal that end comming!

Ok after playing around a bit I found it actually is buggy. The constellations are just not detected correctly even if you click the right stars. Most of the time there is just one line missing and it is not obvious which stars to click then but occasionally it will detect the constellation as correct and proceed.

There is also another bug that sometimes there are two constellations shown simultaneously.

The Deep Sorrow community · Created a new topic Hmmm

This is either buggy or I am missing something. No matter which stars I click, they always seem to be incorrect.

Oh no, now I never want to become a fish again! So scary! Brrlrlrlrlrl

Wonderful game!


I can not tell how it happens. It just loads the same old save game every time I start the game. If I start a new career, play some levels, close the web-page and reopen it, the game will load the old save game, not the one from the new career.

Now I hit a new bug: The game does not create a new save game anymore but instead always loads the same old save.

Great, thanks! I will play a bit more and let you know what I find. So far I think it does not really make it too easy but now you can enter houses or hack things that where just inaccessible before. If you are concerned about it being to easy, maybe it is possible to add a timer to it so that you can only disable it for like 30 seconds so you have some stress if you are going to open a safe or hack a computer during that time?

I still love this game!
I have a small suggestion that might make it a little bit better:
More often than not you can not disable the cameras because the console for doing so is itself in the view of a camera. Would it be possible to make it so that if a camera control console would be in view of a camera, the camera will not be placed there?
Another suggestion would be to make it possible to disable cameras physically. This way if you have access to a power panel, you could cut power and have the other player destroy the camera. You could then eg. hack computers that would have been in the view of cameras. This would add some other level of strategy :)

Unfortunately this game is buggy, as others noted. It could also use a bit of polishing - it is not very well thought through. 

The first time I played it, I could finish but was lacking some evidence. Unfortunately there is no indication on what evidence you already found or any clue that you have not found all yet. So to find the lacking evidence you have to start over and do everything from the start again - annoying! The navigation is confusing, especially upstairs. The story is not consistent every time, e.g. I found the bamboo cannons before the police report belonging to them and the text still read something like "oh this must be the evidence from that news". 

I played it another time just to see the good ending by finding all evidence but got stuck with no way to leave the bathroom. Had no motivation to try again and get stuck on yet another bug.

Nice game but oh god, the music is annoying!

Spotted a small bug: 
If one burglar disables a camera, then the second burglar disables the power in the view of same camera, the camera still gets activated when the first one leaves the console (even though the power should be off now).

What a great game!

It would be nice if you could distract the guards somehow to give just enough time to crack the safe (like when one player bumps into an obstacle, the guards go in that direction to investigate).

Hmm. It is buggy: If you attak the victims while they are already suspicious, there is a chance that you kill them but your blood bar does not fill up. After a while the game got totally confused: First I was always "hidden" as in the vampire did not show (but could still be spotted) then he was always moving in attack mode but could not hide or attack.

ah, silly you, it is not a hammer, it is a tenderizer! it would only make the frogs more tender ;)

Nice concept. I had to download and use wine to play it on Linux since the browser version would work neither with Firefox nor with Chromium. 

The timers are annoying though - I do not think they add positively to the gameplay but they cause me to just skip reading most of the texts. Also with the timers, the cards should better be automatically arranged so that the shortest timer is always played first. At least something should prevent the cards from obscuring each other.

Nice idea and concept but it is flawed. There is no point in buying expensive land as cows are way easier to maintain and make money faster. Once you have a cow, you can not loose, I think.

The actions get interrupted for no apparent reasons, for example if you set 3 milk to "sell", some of them will just stop selling. Likewise when you buy something. 

Also the timers should stop when you make an action. For example there is no point to race against the timer of the bills. If you are too late, then there is no point in waiting for the timer to deplete while the "pay" action is running.

For the cart, the race against the timer is even buggy: If you buy too late, the cart will disappear and the progress bar will get stuck and stay on screen doing nothing.

Got out. That was fun!

Lack of food ruins it :(

No, I do not have any custom settings that I know of. It is probably a WebGL issue with firefox on Linux. It worked with the Chromium browser. Thanks a lot for the game, BTW.

Hmm, I do not get it - it ended all of a sudden. Batteries where not dead, radio was transmitting and the fire was burning very bright. 

The numbers do not show at the right place so it is hard to see what is going on. Browser: Firefox on Linux

Nice! I bit too short and easy though or maybe I was just lucky?

WTF was in that tea?

The Linux version does not capture the mouse correctly. It captures the mouse but still if it hits the borders of the screen, you can not pan the view any further. 

I wanted to try the windows version with wine but the downloaded ZIP file only contains the .exe which complains about a missing UnityPlayer.dll. If I install that one it complains about a missing data directory. 

I somehow also missed the point that you already have all the fish on you. I wandered around the scene (battling the malfunctioning mouse movement) and wondered where to find the fish that I should drop until I accidentally "jumped" over a box once, dropping the fish. Maybe this could be made more obvious?

Small bug: If you re-enter the bathroom after the devil disappeared there, he will reappear and just stand around there.

A truly wonderful game! 

This would likely be quite interesting if finding the players and playing the music was able to tell at least some kind of story. Nothing of the music presented here is able to catch my ears for more than a few seconds - and I usually dig all kinds of music.