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Interesting concept but I think there is just a little too few guidance. I gave up after the {8,-185} beacon since I just could not find the next one. Maybe if you could set some kind of a marker so you can find your last position quicker on the next try it would work out better. 

Once you get stuck, the game mechanics are just not interesting enough to keep you search for the next beacon, they just get boring.

I do not really had an idea what I was doing but won nonetheless o.O

Nice. But where is the general store? I did not find it.

Very nice!

Thank you very much, this was fun!

I also beat it on first go :D
Once the fire spell got updated so it kills with one shot and has a decent fire rate, it gets easy.

Can you accept keyboard input too? You know, arrow keys or wasd...

Day 3 was easier than expected. I think the Fire Spell is OP.

Day 2 was pure madness but I did it!

Got stuck here:

Nice atmosphere but the gameplay is very boring.

Very cool! Made it in 380.88 sec, dunno if this is just bad or exceptionally bad :D

The UI is a mess: Click on the "1" to get to the first level.

This was fun!

I must warn you that warn is not a 4 letter word!

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I have the same bug as the other commenter: The orb in the tutorial does not take damage. Firefox 115.0.2 on Linux.

Edit: Same bug also when running the executable with wine/proton

How Do I reset the game? 

I removed my workers by what I think is a bug and now I am stuck

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So? Blue was not full...

EDIT: Oh now I get it, the rocket can only hold so much fuel in total... that makes it even more difficult then?

Does not deplete all the fuel:

I never seem to be able to get enough resources to make it worth flying to the space station. I think either fuel consumption should be reduced or the veins should provide more fuel. Reaching the station to buy updates might also be a bit easier.

Also I think a better indication where to find fuel would make the game more playworthy. The fuel distribution does not make it any better, if you are unlucky you may find lots of the useless black fuel.

Here it is:

I think I have an export with this error. Could/should I DM you this one somehow?

The math seems to be done by cats: 

For example, the auto-clicker: 1x costs 125, 5x costs 1100 (so it almost doubles per unit). It makes more sense to just buy the 1x updates...

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EDIT: Seems to be fixed on the github page!

Nice but unfortunately it is buggy: 

Press that reset button!

Is there a way to disable that annoying TV effect?

"Move with ZQSD"??? Why not move with WTF?

Nice idea but way too easy.

This is easily the best art licking game I have ever played.

I sexually thrown the mimolette into la baguette!



Oh no! I should have read the instructions more carefully!

Game mechanics do not seem to make much sense.

Why does price increase for the item slots according to the number of bots ? Now it just forces to buy the slots first and only if you got all of them buy bots. annoying. 

Auto-Sell does not make much sense right now. Since the slot might fill up with trash, you want a value item stay there until eventually you got enough items to buy another update. Unfortunately before you are able to notice that auto-sell will actually force you to do more work, you already bought it and there is no way to disable it. 

Right? It does not even seem to follow some logic so you can deduce the next step from the elements you already have.

Nice game. It got surprisingly easy at the end.

Very nice albeit a bit easy once you get the hang of it.

that must have been the easiest boss fight ever XD

Well, at least it is fast in locking up somehow...

This is quite cool!

Yeah, well this still does not explain how much worth each fruit is. As in: If it gets sold, how much do I get?

How much worth is each fruit?

14:05, no deaths.

I really enjoyed this game!