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Awsome job, the game looks and plays amazing, the concept is great, and as a lover of card games and dungeon crawler games alike i fell in love with this game.

Unfortunatly the Ai kinda froze on me a couple of times, it got to the enemies turn and they would just stand there making me unable to do anything, forcing me to quit the game, this wouldnt be soo bad if i could pause the game, save, and reload, but or im too dumb to find the save button or the pause menu for that matter, or for now the game is yet to gain that feature.

But im fully aware that the game is not yet finished and any bugs and problems that the game may face can be and will be resolved in due time.

I cant wait to see this game grow as new features, cards are implemented and worked upon.

I agree in what some people previously said, that some cards could have been better explained, and that it could be a great if there could in the future be diferent characters with diferent skills, one game that does that very well is "Slay the Spire", but i do believe you will want to focus on the core gameplay before even thinking about this extra features.

In another note i found it kinda hard to regain health, the only way that i found being the appropriate spell and in a way it ads to the dificulty, and i totally understand if it was a desing decision and not a problem,  still maybe when you entered the portal to go to the tavern you could pay the keeper to restore health, or maybe some rarer drops could restore a couple of hit points, or maybe some of those features were already implemented and i was just not lucky enought to find them.

As for now the game is already preaty awsome and i hope it has as much of a bright future as games like the "Bindig of Isaac" and "Enter the Gungeon" did, and be sure that when the finished game finally releases i am going to buy it as soon as possible.

Keep up the awsome work fellas, your doing great.