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I totally agree with you about the friction in Gameplay. It's always a problem when trying to take a genre in a new direction. But it's still wort it and hopefully players will find the good things. 

When it comes to localization. I find that word count often isn't a great measurement of how much work is required. I usually check how many instances of text there are. Are the text stored in the folder with json files? I can take a look and estimate how much time it would take. When it comes to puns etc I have a lot of experience. In addition to films I have adapted lyrics and other texts (fiction and non fiction) as a part of my linguistics education. And localizing things like idioms are half the fun. 

But the most important question is how much effort it takes to adapt the code. And if you say the code isn't really made for multiple languages at the backend. Because if it's to much of a hassle for you guys it's not worth the effort. I have a limited knowledge when it comes to programming so that is not something I can determine. 


Hi. Sorry for my extremely late answer.

I'm not sure exactly. It's a bit hard to explain. I would say that an option to just slow down the speed a bit. I think my problem is that during the mid game your population and resources get full a bit too quick so it feels like you have to build nurseries and storage faster to keep up with the supply. I think this feelings are due to the history of resource managing games. As you wrote below; people aren't primed for a more relaxed gameplay. In traditional games the mentality is that if you can't store resources you are losing resources instead of thinking about is as a positive when you have full storage. It's kind of a glass half full (Hivetime) vs half empty (others). So a part of the problem is the genre in itself.

P.S. Have you considered localizing the game. Way back in the days I was part of the subtitle translation community where I both created new Swedish/English subtitles and translated English and Swedish ones. So if y'all are interested I would love to localize the game. There's not a lot of text so it wouldn't be that much of a hassle for me.

Thank you again for the great game.

Sorry I think my comment was a bit unclear. It is during the mid game segment I feel it can be a bit too fast. It's not that the goal of 600 jelly that is "the problem" (calling it a problem is a huge understatement), It's keeping track of everything for example balancing population and managing production. But it's probably just me getting overwhelmed a bit too easily and it's only for a short time. All this is extreme nitpicking. Your suggestion to disable events/disasters is great but it's also a great tools to learn the mechanics of the game and really satisfying to overcome.

Two other things:

1. I know you consider the game as finished, but are you considering more additions to the gameplay. For example goals/win conditions or more modifiers (like limiting upgrades).

2. I've run in to some problems that might be bugs (at least one of them). When reaching a population limit of about 1500 I can't seem to reach it regardless if I turn bee-sitters to 100%. It hovers around 800 bees. The problem might be that my computer is too slow.

I also found that when accessing Bee-pedia from the upgraded wax assembler you get the message "Something went wrong. It turns out that the 'wax_assembler' topic doesn't exist or isn't unlocked".

Regardless of all this the game is great and I've played it at least a hundred times. When I get a job again I will give a generous donation as a thanks for all your great work.

I have the opposite @BloodAngelBa. I feel the game can be a bit too fast sometime and for me it lessens the feeling of serenity when playing. But it's still a wonderful game. Thank you!


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Absolutely terrifying. I got PTSD after one minute 😂

Really neat! Let's hope no man-children gets upset because they think it's "not realistic" like they did when people made minis using wheelchairs.

A nice addition would be rules for different RPG systems for example movement for wheelchairs or service animal abilities.

Keep up the good work. TTRPGs is supposed to be fun for everyone and the more people in the TTRPG community the merrier.