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I can't open it on Mac says 'developer needs to update it' do you plan on updating it? Bcause I really wanna play!

Ok thanks

Awesome game! I kind of enjoy the story more than the sex parts, but the sex is very hot don't get me wrong!

Oh ok thanks

How do you get the cabbage scene?

Why can I not go back to the elf forest after getting the elf for breeding

Technically Elon is in a lot of debt because he keeps buying shares of his company so much so that he has to borrow money from capital banks. And he doesn't even see any of his shares. In the end, you won't change your mind and neither will I so let's just agree to disagree cause I don't have any new rebuttals left. so good debate!

Tesla was looked down upon before Elon took over and made it famous and as for SpaceX, they do work with NASA so I do not know what you mean by immoral as if the best scientists in America if not in the world have no complaints then IDK what the problem would be.

But also many people thought going to space would be useless and that a space exploration company could exist was thought to be impossible and wrong for businesses to enter such an industry. That is why I admire Musk he took a chance with SpaceX and Tesla even though everyone laughed at him for thinking Space X could get as good as NASA and that an electric car company could compete with giant car companies.

I mean what furthers technology and the world other than businesses competing. Also, it is better to keep your old car, but when it eventually does breakdown it is of course better to buy an electric car. The last thing is that Elon did not invent it directly, but he certainly helped it be invented.

NASA could do it with enough funding, but that would require the government to increase their budget, which would take years, and in the end, NASA would become political because it is taking funds away from the military, which space explorations do not need. On the other hand Teslas are inventions in my opinion because of the fact that till the model S no electric car had very good designs, was fast or could reach even half of the oil cars total miles on one full tank, but now with the new roadster coming out it will be able to drive as much as the oil car and more than gas cars. Also, you are right that a Tesla car is not 100% good for the environment, but it is much better than any other cars pollutant amount.

He did start the first successful private space company and took over Tesla to make it the first electric car company that could compete with car manufacturing giants such as Ford. He  has made other car companies start to make the change to electric by challenging them and did help America lunch the first rocket to the international space station with American astronauts and on American land. Not to mention re-kindling the publics' desire for space explorations. 

don't agree with him on many things yet believe he is the next Tesla (the scientists)

A bit short, but very fun


Awesome game, just don't like you insulting our dank lord Elon Musk.

Awsome experience. I am 15 and hope to help anyone who is being abused and this game helped understand that it is not me, who needs to help them, but they themselves are the ones, who need to make the choice.