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The file is 2 big to download it from mega,and I get an error on mega downloader. Can you please upload the file to another site?

looks great, cant wait! 


Eh, tbh people say trap instead of femboy to feel less gay or something (Im not saying its gay, but a lot of people feel very insecure about them). They both are boys who look like girls (flat chest, so its not like futas). Usually you shouldn't be able to tell the character is a girl, but the limit of physically masculinity they should portray is completely subjective, so who cares. If you do decide to add another femboy, please give him some nice hips like the other girls :3

Can we get trap on trap plz?

Yeah I dont get why they make a porn game a dark souls experience 

anybody has a guide to this? its 2 hard

Girls don't have pp so how are you gonna breed your pokemons?

Also this game is dead.

Check the discord for more info

only thing I dont like is that femboys have tits,

everything else is great

mOre plz lol

looks great!

what happened to the update?

mmm nah

mor pliz

most of people dont mind tentacle porn that's why we assumed he disliked the gay sex not the plant


Well you dont like the plant scene, which is gay

well It works perfectly for me

borra el juego y vuelvelo a descargar 

I tried really hard, but gave after 40 mins of failing (I'm talking about the second boss battle)

update? :(

NSFW version?

I loved it but I really wish the boss fight didnt require you to just tank damage and heal

plz update  *-*

patience little boy


Update please T.T

I don't think neither of us sees your work as incomplete. Everything so far has been extremely satisfactory and we are very grateful with everything you have provided, you've proof your talent and creativity many times, so don't feel like you owe the something to the world, because you only owe yourself happiness.

2 soon


Who cares, just do what ever makes you happy

Dont care its a guy, hes so cute!