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Yes, I know reading is difficult for you and reality is "alternative-factland" in your delusion. Insulting people and asserting you've made and won an argument, doesn't make it so. Your statement about it being cool of him to release a free version here isn't an argument against selling the full version. It's a completely irrelevant non-sequitor. Insulting people and repeating your assertion otherwise doesn't change that.

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Perhaps you should read it again. Saying he's cool for posting a free version here and how you're a fan of the game is not an argument against selling the full version on both platforms. I can understand that you live in a fantasy-land where a failure to make an argument counts as winning an argument, and that everyone telling you this must be the same guy, and illiterate because they don't share your delusion and think your statement qualifies as an argument or even relevant to the issue of publishing on both platforms. You haven't even attempted to make an argument. Insisting you have and insulting others doesn't alter this fact.

Thank you for stating the obvious. The point is that it's only in 64bit and won't run on 32bit versions of Windows. nobody with 32bit XP or Vista is going to buy it on Steam when it requires 64bit Win 7

LMFAO You say that as though you've presented an argument for why it can't be sold on both platforms. You haven't. He can't lose an argument to you when you don't have one.

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I love this game so freaking much. Such a shame the paid version isn't available for 32bit (Vista) or outside of Steam, otherwise I might buy it, and I'm a total cheapskate.