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Thanks for giving it a try! I went through like 6 different background music choices and searched itch for like 6 hours until I found one that worked. lo

Haha! To be honest I'm a terrible typist. I can't actually beat the game in it's current state. So there may be a balance issue I need to fix up. lol
Thanks for taking the time to play! :-D

This was mazing. Can we get a sequel where you play as the garbage who gets to empty the trash bin a week later? :-D

The evil child and his terrifying light have been defeated. All glory to the shadows.
Great work!

Great work! Classic RE and DC vibes. Tank controls and the switch to first person camera for shooting option was great.  :-D

Great to know! That must have slipped through I should have all that browser control nonsense locked down. I'll try to fix that eventually. lol
Thanks for playing

While I don't have any specific use for these right now, maybe in a Jam game one day. These character sprites are very well done, so I picked them up to show some support. Keep up the amazing work!

These effects are very well done. While I don't necessarily need them for anything right now. I picked them up as a nice to have for the future. Keep up the great work.

Hells yea, get those mates! Much thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. :D

Great work. I love the ultra simplified pixel art for all the underwater creatures and the sounds you chose to use. I'll be honest, I only made it to level 7 before I had to cheat. Those damn tracking octopi. I did manage to beat level 20 though. So I don't feel too bad. Good job

I am the Master 10/10!

Great work on your first jam game, simple concept to understand and kept on theme.

Small suggestion, you might want to look into disabling the arrow controls from scrolling the webpage when the character is swimming down.

See you next Jam!

I've seen the light of Day again!
Great idea, especially considering the theme. Kind of terrifying actually.

Good work!

Simple, cute, perfectly on theme. The regen mechanic was clever. Great work! 
Also, A'lotl Thanks, lol!

I see neons and fish, I think Groxar. Great choice of music. Simple challenging and Super fun!
Also, High Score... DOMINATED!

This was a challenge but in the end I earned my Eternal reward! Overall this was a great entry, felt like a micro game sorta thing, basic task, multiple mechanics, short story added in for flavor as well. Good Show! My only suggestion. In a game like this where you are expected to die a lot. I think it would of been a nice QoL feature that when I die, I could just "press any key" to retry from the death screen instead of using the mouse to click to continue.  :-D

Haha,  there was supposed to be more to do with the Banana. I just failed my time management. lol Glad you enjoyed it.

Great concept. The mechanics were very simple, but still managed to be fun. Hear monster? See monster? Flashlight! Away with you! The monsters themselves looked pretty rad, I enjoyed the spooky screech of the white one.
I do wish there was a timer or scoring element, that way I could compare my progress on different runs. But I'll blame that on one the programmer, he probably got lazy. 

Hard as balls, but great presentation and art. Also, I think you got the feel of the jumping down very nice. Way of the Synth Samurai! Great Work!

Hah! I knew when I saw it in the discord what yall were up to. Amazing team work. The art is perfect. The enemy variety is awesome and the way you worked in the Easter Egg was great. The feel of the game is so close to VS, even the subtle enemy wobble as they walk. :-D

I love this. What a great concept. This was probably one of the most unique and interesting  libGDX jam games I've seen. and it fits perfectly with the theme as well. While it does get pretty difficult. Who cares? Especially when you realize you can just scribble all over the other size and slow them down. Amazing Job!

Dude! This was great, it feels like a tiny slice of an actual polished shooter/bullet hell game. Cool art, Items, a real boss fight! Awesome Job!

So first, I'm going to give props to the Splat sound effect. Which is the true hero of this game.  I really liked the concept, a splatoon-ish base capture type game. You could easily extend this into something else down the line. Great work!

Hah, thanks for trying it out. Now remember, being bad at it doesn't reflect on your own skill. But the crappy skills of the game's creator for not balancing it properly. 


Haha,  balance be damned its a Jam Game, hehe, there's no time for that. :-D Thanks! 

Super chill! Nice combo of sfx and music.

Thanks! It helps a ton that there's a lot of nice looking assets out there to use. If I was forced to make it all myself, yea... not going to happen.

I'm not sure if there was an ending, but I kept getting destroyed, no matter how hard i tried, lol. I love the intro. And the enemy split/death animation is awesome.

These are amazing! I had this tileset and your Christmas Battler sprites for awhile and I finally had a chance to use them in a Christmas Jam last month. I ended up making some edits to make idle animations, hopefully they don't bring shame to your amazing work.

Awesome, thanks!  If you were curious, the death animations were all made using a preset from the program JuiceFX.

Oh man, another classic Panda clicky, click story adventure. But this time with an aesthetic I want to live in and this Church of C...  I am compelled to join.  I feel bad to admit the first puzzle took me longer than I should have, even though you basically spell it out for us. lol

 Oh, man I used that cute dino asset once and I gotta say, seeing him rollin' with an AK-47 is perfect. This was awesome. Also, pretty difficult, but beatable. I think you did a great job with the music choice and slight screen shake/effects to give a sense of action and style. It worked nicely. And the ending is amazing.

Awesome, I enjoyed traversing the bakery looking for bread. That sound plus the slight bounce they make when you pet them is very satisfying, lol

This was fun. I liked the fast movement and the way the sled had a sort of turn drift to it, was fun sliding around and dodging missiles. Also, the visuals of present delivery made me think I was carpet bombing the houses with gifts. lol

Good Work, the platform placing mechanic adds a lot.  I found it to be key in keeping back the tree hating hoards. Also, the cat's attack sound is glorious.

I quite enjoyed this. I think the way you handled the up and down mechanic works well with the sled. Not super easy, but also not ridiculously hard. I had to get a nice timing rhythm going to keep it going.

This was great. I loved all the punishment scenes. I will admit, I did not finish it yet. I'll keep trying but I'm just awful at minesweeper. It's my big gaming sin. I'll have to wait for the jam review to see the ending. lol

This is a clever, I enjoyed the stop and go mechanic and I like the way you have the music fade in and out. Also, the death screen was great. Awesome work.

Great Work! I like the atmosphere and snow fall effect. The disappearing snow  platforms you fall through was a nice touch. Just like when I head out to shovel. lol

Thanks! Just too bad I wasn't able to implement any kind of real gameplay.  lol 

This is great! If only I had a second player. The art, menu and ui look super slick. And the Fighter look great too. Love the nose bounce detail on the one. Great Work you guys!