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Amazing Work! I found a use for this tileset and some of your creatures in a Jam game I did recently. Made a simple tower defense game. Needless to say your assets were the best part. lol

Hah, thanks dont worry to much about the strategy it's not balanced at all. There was no time for that. I think of it more like... just mess around and enjoy. :-D

That chef was shady af. I know even less about bread making then when I started. Would Apocalypse again.

First libGDX jam game. In only 2.5 days?  Great work! Felt like simplified Tetris with blocks.  I could see if you spent more time on this to polish it up, you could probably end up with something amazing. Keep up the good work. See you next jam!

Some of my favorite types of jam games. Take a simple concept and make it fun but with a challenge. I think you did that perfect here and having a 2 player option is a great touch. Good work!

Though I found it a bit difficult as times. By the 30th death I think I got the hang of it lol. Good fun and I like those crazy bike physics. Great Job!

Great work, simple idea but you made it very challenging and fun. 1 thing to note as I did die a lot. I would suggest making the death screen skippable via button press to allow users to jump right back into the game after death to try again.

I think this was a perfect example of what happens when you have 2 developers. The art had a lot of thought and focus put into it. While at the same time you were able to come up with a very simple mechanic that felt fulfilling gameplay wise. Timing was crucial for progress and the wiggling fish were a nice touch.  Great Work!

This was great. I actually enjoyed plowing through the zombies more than just shooting them. That squish sound effect was great.  Also runs flawlessly in the browser without issue. Great Entry!

If I didn't know better I'd assume this was done on the old quake engine or something lol. I love the look and feel and atmosphere you managed to create. It was perfectly in line with the theme as well. Great Work! 

Amazing! Both on the theme and the mechanics of the game itself, great idea. Also runs amazingly well in the browser. Great work all around. :)

Having played all of your previous jam games. I think you nailed the feeling of the movement and jumping here. This is pure progression. Though the game is short. It feels really nice. And as fourlastor commented. When the enemies were grouped up I found myself naturally trying to combo them as well. Great work


Great work! So I tried my hardest, but I kept dying before I made it to the end. Luckily I realized I could cheat the system and drive off the track the whole race. Piece of cake!  Also, I like the camera zoom you have going on in there. Though it can get a bit disorienting. I still like the effect overall. 

I love the aesthetic. The music and swimming neon fish. Like a spa!
Those fish need more wiggling though. lol

You did a great job on the Art! Also, the simple 1 button concept to control the character worked great. The fact that I kept trying over and over again made me realize this was a great entry. Bravo. Also... *wiggle*

Ah thanks!  I'm glad you found it. I wasn't sure if anyone would when I threw it in there. But guess it wasn't too hidden.

Thanks, well. Not for the art. I just found it. But I will take credit for mashing it together. lol

Technically this was all your fault. Obviously it's not PvZ like you suggested in the discord. But it made decide to make a Tower Defense game this jam. Also, yep. the resources and balance went out the window i spent most of my time just getting the game functioning. *Hint, you actually can get infinite recourses, just find the Jam Easter Egg ;-)

Ah, nice! Glad you were able to submit the game. This is really nice. The art is totally on point. A cute little run and gun, with Co-op as well. Awesome work guys!

I enjoyed flying my death fortress over the countryside and cluttering the land with giant blood jars.  I was able to get way more than 47 seconds of out of this. Good work! 

Ugh! I have my Vive packed away right now, so i can't really experience it properly.  I followed what James did and used my phone. So I at least got it to run it without issue. From what I saw I'm super impressed! This looks great!

Great work on your first jam game!  Shooter with bosses and upgrades! I like the choice of the background effect and also the "end of level" transition when the ship gets smaller was a cool touch. Works really well. 

Great work on your first ever jam entry! I actually enjoyed the grappling hook, I thought it was actually a really cool mechanic and fun to fly around with it.

I think it would of been cool to always have it as a secondary item. So you could just be bouncing around and blasting away while switching back and fourth. :-D

Nice! Got the joust mechanics down very well. Pig is cute as heck. I also like the touch of the squeal when running into the platforms and the Jam jars. If I had any suggestions. I noticed there were times when the dragons would go up and off screen so I wasn't able to kill them. But other than that. Great job!

Great work! Nice to see you've gone with 4 way directional movement this time and the shadow effects are cool! My only suggestion would be if the player movement was a bit faster. The enemies would sometimes walk away, it felt a bit slow catching up to them. Otherwise good show as always!

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Hah, Thank you! I can't take too much credit for the gameplay since, well... it's just missile command.  :-P

I was basically on youtube watching pixel art tutorials and messing around in Aseprite for longer than I was coding. I went through like 5 different, much uglier cities before I was able to make it to where it was acceptable. Same with clouds. Though I still wasn't too happy with em.

Was fun to try, but next time, I'm going back to swiping the free stuff.

Thanks! I tried my best to provide some kind of fun given the limited amount on dev time. Glad you enjoyed it! hehe

Thanks John! I was prepping quite a bit for this jam. I knew I wanted to tackle 3D again. So I spent a lot of time running through those old tutorials from Xoppa. I came come across a simple solution to build out the maps as well, which is what I used here. I'm actually just using the 2D map editor Tiled, with a separate layer for the floor, walls and ceiling and Bam! Instant 3d word. (probably not the best solution) but it was the easiest one. hehe

Thanks so much.  I can't take all the credit. I usually spend the first day or so searching and open game art for some nice free assets that fit the theme I'm looking to do. Without them it probably wouldn't look or sound nearly as nice, also saves me a ton of time. :-D

Thanks James, and that fact that you managed to even get to the end before I had a chance to attempt to balance it. Is more amazing. :-P

Thanks for the kind words Panda! Also, I'm glad I got the browser version up to snuff, was worried the entire week I'd be stuck forcing people to download a jar.

Thanks a bunch! 3D is a huge undertaking in libGDX. But you do learn a lot, just keep at it. I did my first 3D game back in the September Jam last year. But always really wanted to try a simple shooter. In fact if you check the Christmas Jam of 2020, you'll find the game Ultra Nightmare by Chris Pilz. Seeing him do that made me realize it was possible, So I knew eventually I'd give it a shot. Good luck!

Yes, Managed to get to the Victory Screen. Biggest hurdle I noticed. At one point I was not getting enough Attacks generated so I kept running out of Attacks, but then I made it after awhile. :-D

I somehow managed to make it all the way through! Great work. As usual, such a  slick art style and interface. Instantly recognizable, like in all your Jam games!

After waiting for the update as instructed. This was great. At first I wasn't sure what to do. But then, once I figured out how the build menu and factory mechanic worked, I got it! This was a really cool idea, good execution. Great Entry!

This was really cool. The art and music choice were super slick. A perfect mesh with the Underground theme. I enjoyed the simple control scheme, and it gave a nice challenge. This was a great entry!

These are amazing. Even on the small 16x16 ones you managed to make them look so unique.

I used a few of them in a Game Jam I did last week. Since they worked well as front facing decals.

I wish I had more use for sprites like this since they are so nice. If I ever find a real project where I need something like this. I'll come back and buy them all up.

Keep up the great work.

As usual you get the theme and art on point! Difficulty kicking my butt. Though, I could just suck, lol. Great work once again.

Great entry! Perfect with the theme. Had the feel of an endless runner. The difficulty was nice too. Sticking to the left was defiantly a big help.  Good show!