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Thanks! You are totally correct about the right clicking. I threw the html version up as a nice to have at the last minute but It completely slipped my mind! I'll try to fix it  when I have some time. 

Love the look of the UI and the visuals! Top notch!

I keep on dying... and dying....  and then dying some more. But I will not give up!  Great work! 

Another fun little adventure title. Just like the old days. Great!

Awesome! I have never even attempted any 3d work with libGDX yet. But for a weeks worth of work this is great. Makes me want to look into trying it out!  Great stuff!

Completed in about 15 mins. Got stuck because I totally missed the Pot. Loved the rain and lighting effects. Super simple and cute.

I used your little slime dude in my first ever game jam game. Just givin' a shoutout! Thanks!  Game

This was a lot of fun. Don't sweat any difficulty. Never compromise your vision! Hah!

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Hah, Thanks! Yea, we both had a similar concept. I was thinking... well... you are in a room. So... what can you do? Ah,ha! Survive!

Also, I used this as an excuse to try my hand at faking physics and doing platforming controls since it was all new to me.

Really fun! I love that the cannons shoot axe's for some reason. :-D