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It's at times like these I wish I could speak Russian

Well I guess everyone should know by now that everything's going downhill haha! Phones are being promoted instead of PCs because it's easier to make profit out of them. It's quite easy to hack games on a computer but it'll be harder to do it on a phone, and not to mention all the tricks phone softwares use to make money. You can root your phone but it's not that easy for everyone and it can damage your phone along the way. So yeah, since cell phones are so profitable this way, no one is going to do anything to improve the situation. PCs will eventually die and phones will take their place, until they will become obsolete as well and a new thing that can make more money will come out.

Ok thanks for the reply, now I'll just wait for all your games to be released haha!

It's going to be GxG and GxB? 

Hi there, this is another encouragement and review, even if (probably) those things have already been told to you. By the way, excuse me if I did any language mistake, I'm trying my best.

Obviously, you did a great job, and I am glad to see that some people put much effort into free games! However, a few things bothered me but I'll only tell you the ones that may be constructive, heh. I am not sure about some of the following remarks, some time passed since I played the game, so I am sorry if I say useless stuff.

Although I understand this is an anime style, Genaro's facial hair looks abnormal to me (er, perhaps even silly).

The "!!!" parts were a little overused, which became slightly annoying. Maybe you could have use it for the parts that were more important only.

It is possible that I haven't looked around the gallery enough, but I haven't found the little illustrations with the objects. If you didn't intend to make a spot for them, it would be nice to do so for your next games.

When the sprites got bigger (in those moments when the characters got phisically closer to the protagonist) they were a little blurry. If you drew them and then extended their sizes, you should've start with a bigger drawing to shrink the size, not the contrary.

Finally, I'll end this comment on a positive note: I miss waking up to play this game (ah, it only lasted 3 days :( ) and then look for the missing endings. I've mainly pointed out what I didn't really like so you could possibly make it better next time, and now really, the rest is awesome!