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Thank you!! <3

When you're standing in front of a doorway or anything like that press UP to enter it. My bad I should make that more clear.

I really like these songs a lot! I used two of the 'Mystic Forest' and 'Neon Alley' in my game "Soul Ryder: RPG Prototype." Thank you for your hard work making these!

Hello Snabisch! I used a few of these music tracks in my new game here and I think they worked wonderfully! Thank you so much I really enjoy your work!

Soul Ryder: RPG Prototype by Bobby VG (

These are so good I can't way to see what new ones you make! I used this and a few other of your tileset asset packs in my latest game and it worked great! Thank you!

These retro style songs are so good I hope you do more! I used a lot of these tracks in my most recent game prototype "Soul Ryder: RPG Prototype," and I think it really helped elevate it! 

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Awesome! Thank you for playing!

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This game was a ton of fun! I was really blown away by the aesthetic and how high quality the artwork is, I can't emphasis enough how impressed I am with the fact this was made in under two weeks! I'm looking forward to the full version of the game. 

I edited down my playthrough of the game, it's mostly just me enjoying it and pointing out things I like! :)

These are amazing! I especially love the coloring on them