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This is really fun man, me and my friend have just sat for 15 minute puzzling over this

Wow that's great! I'll check it out now, thank you so much :):):)

Cool game, pretty difficult though

Yeah we found it could become slightly confusing getting used to the mouse and WASD controls at first, however in technicality, the cursor direction doesn't actually affect the hitbox or anything in any way. 

We appreciate the feedback and the kind comments though, thank you very much :):):)

Really interesting concept! At the arts super cute :) A little bit confusing as theirs not too much in terms of instructions, but pretty intuitive anyway, good job :D

Thanks! :)

Thanks man! Appreciate it :*)

Really great game! A lot of fun and the sprites are great. Pretty hard but I probably just suck :D

Hey! Thanks for letting us know, were just working on a couple of fixes atm so we'll update today and should run a bit more smoothly :)

Really fun! The art's great too :)

Thank you man! He appreciates it :)

Thank you for your patronage <3

Oh interesting, we hadn't spotted that! Possibly just a dodgy interaction between the collision boxes :( Glad you still enjoyed it though! :)

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed :)

We tried to polish it as best we could! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you man! Was a lot of fun, glad you enjoyed it :) Cool frog too

I appreciate you can put aside our differences :')


Really cool idea! Good job :

I can't run the game, I think you need to include the rest of the build folders.

We appreciate the comments! Thank you for playing :)