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[Stand User]: D'Angelo Brando

[Stand Name]: Coldplay (Tier A Stand)

[Namesake]: The name originates from the band "Coldplay."

[Stand Stats]

[Power]: A

[Speed]: C

[Range]: B

[Durability]: A

[Precision]: A

[Potential]: A

[Appearance]: The stand has a really unique design. It has Heavy Armor on their Torso and Legs (Which explains the high durability and low speed) they also have gloves on similar to star platinum except it doesn't have what seems to be the gold on it. It also has a do-rag and no pupils (It isn't blind though) with normal white skin color kinda on the blueish side.


[Punches]: Coldplay is a very powerful stand so to balance that I decided, he can't barrage. He has moves similar to King Crimson except instead of a chop its very powerful punches (specifically with his right hand) at a average human level speed.

[Ice manipulation]: Coldplay can also control and make ice (Kinda obvious.) Some of the ice attacks he uses is...

[Ice Bullets]: A Bullet made out of hard ice, meaning you can't break it easily and it could be dodged by a stand with A or higher speed. It also cannot be punched because the bullet it so powerful it would go right through your fist and that goes for any other body part you would want to hit it with. Coldplay has a limit of firing 5 at a time.

[Hail shot]: Coldplay can make hail using its left hand, although it does take a while it could be really useful because as I said, Coldplay's ice is hard to break. Coldplay would then do the obvious and throw the hail at you.

[Sub Zero]: This is one of Coldplay's most OVERPOWERED moves. Coldplay can use his left hand to instantly freeze any living thing or any object. Although his freezing has a limit, for example he can't just walk up to lava and instantly freeze that. The hottest thing he can probably freeze is something that has been burnt and will probably burn you if you were to touch it.

[Time Reduction]: FINALLY! Coldplay's final and most known ability is to Reduce Time for 7.5 seconds. What does that mean exactly? Well Coldplay would concentrate his energy into his left hand and punch forward shooting out air waves. Whoever and whatever gets caught in those airwaves will be slowed depending on how much energy Coldplay put into his punch. The limit to how much he can reduce your time is lets say some one is at The speed of 1 which would be the normal speed, Coldplay would then reduce your time all the way down to the limit of 0.1.

 [Stand/User Cry}: "MUDA!" or "WRRYYYYY!"

[Coldplay Act 2]: Coldplay is also another stand that can go through acts but what's unique about that ability is that he can only activate it is if the user freezes themselves and the stand kills them. What would happen now is that the user and stand would merge together into Coldplay Act 2 or better known as Coldplay: Below Zero.

{Stand User}: The stand itself.

[Stand Name]: Coldplay Act 2/Coldplay Below Zero (Tier S Stand}

[Namesake}: Same as Coldplay but I just added Act 2 or Below Zero.

[Stand Stats]

[Power]: A

[Speed]: A

[Range]: A

[Durability]: ∞

[Precision]: ∞

[Potential]: E

[Appearance]: Coldplay Below Zero has no Armor but only has pants on. His skin is also a Navy blue color and his Do-rag comes off exposing his baldness. It's eyes also glows Sky Blue. It also still has it's gloves.

{Below Zero's Abilities]

[Below Zero: Barrage]Coldplay would send a barrage of punches at VERY high speeds with GREAT damage.

[Below Zero: Strike]: Coldplay would ram their elbow into their opponents gut dealing GREAT damage.

[Hailstorm}: Coldplay can summon a hailstorm to form and the hail can be aimed towards anywhere meaning that Coldplay uses aimbot.

{Below Sub-Zero]: A slow attack that if touched by Coldplay's left hand you'd be frozen, forever.

[Below Zero: TIME REDUCTION]: Coldplay is able to reduce THE UNIVERSE to a limit of 0.05 for as long as 10 seconds.

[Below Zero: ZA WARUDO]: Coldplay can stop time for half a second and after time has continued, it will leave the user exhausted for a while.

[∞ Durability Explained]: Coldplay Below Zero has infinite durability because if you touch the stand you freeze forever, the only things that can touch the stand is another stand or the stand itself.

[Stand/User Cry]: "Muda muda muda muda muda MUDA!" or "Muda Muda."