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Amazing game! Such a great story.

I love these maps and there are a lot of nice options.

This was so cute!

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Playing this in 2020... I miss just wandering around places like the library and not worrying too much. This a lovely experience and I loved the art, thanks for sharing.

Such a lovely little bitsy game, I really enjoyed the atmosphere!

There is a lot of stuff for a bitsy game! I'm trying to complete it but there a lot of fun little things to look at.

Wow, really loved the art combined with the story. Well done.

Wow, impressive for Twine. I like the scenic writing and all of the effects! :0

Wow, I've never seen a 3D Bitsy game. Very atmospheric.

Who needs sleep? 

But I really enjoyed this and loved the aesthetic. Simple and good.

The ending was a gut punch. I enjoyed this.

Cool this was short and interesting. Thanks for sharing. 

Lol I feel weird. While some of the statements were sad, but some didn't seem that sad to me? Like a mixed bag.