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I love it, its really speedrun friendly which gives it a lot of replayability. I would like you to continue working on this because it looks really promising! 

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The first thing I have to say is that it feels good, it looks good and it is good. It`s easy to understand, the story makes sense. And I love the theme of it.  But once you got two abilities you`re satisfyed with, you cant get any stronger. It does`t have any relics, upgrades, armor or anything of that exept abilities. The game is also way easier than most roguelikes. So if you keep it that way, the game will not get a lot of playtime even though you add two extra levels.

Here is my suggestion:

Make all abilities equally good and implement tiers for them. So a tier 3 balloon will be just as good as a tier 3 basketball. Then you can make enemies be able to drop them once they die. Higher tier items=lower drop rates. I think this would make the game even more addictive than it already is, but thats just me though.

Selling abilities would also be cool.

I also found a bug which I made a video about to make it easier for you to fix.