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Bob the unbarry

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Girl this demo is just wild , i mean boy Lillie is just so wild that i think she is interesting a bit , but about Eris cousin, what happened to Eris? And when the boyfriend drama happened? Is it after or before?

I beaten the game in 49.89 seconds , it was hard XC , but it was fun XD

Would it be for free or does it require money? [Please make it free I'm broke ya know]

Are you going to make more in the game?

Me as an man who had many relationships got sad when I've tried the true ending, because it reminded me of myself and my first date , but eh as a guy from arab place i should've said it was nothing or something , but whatever happened to me long ago I still had fun getting every sex scene and every ending , ghost ending, best ending, true ending, and dump ending , after all I enjoyed this game , 

To be honest this game made me happy , and I really got satisfied by the game like it's a great game Comrade

Well , hope whoever made this game is ok today

Welp , thanks I guess

I have a question tho , who worked on this game and why , like I am interested on the story of who worked in the game

This game is amazing, and I support this game programmers and artists

The game is nice and it runs smoothly , it's ok

How can I talk to the creators of the game?

This game is amazing, I wish it could have a continuation