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Bob Sans

A member registered Jan 18, 2021

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i want to be in a polygamous relationship with aiko and bed-chan

fifteenth, with chicken thighs

Y'know, while Ending 6 is already reserved, Ending 9 isn't... I'm sure there could be an ending for floor -69, but I'm not gonna count on it...

oh my god this game was so surprisingly good

and kate is so wholesome i literally cannot stop smiling when i do her route

left to right, top to bottom, the 1st and 2nd stalls

i got stuck between the stalls :(

the game keeps crashing after beating the 0-4 boss

also im on android 0.2.1

i am playing on android, i don't know what you mean by the map but i probably wouldn't remember, and 2.1 is my version

also this, dunno why it occured but all i can say is i clicked the story journal, backed out, and this happened

the game keeps crashing :/

cant date ferry no more :(

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Are you sure? Have you tried reloading your game? Checking all your quests? Getting a swimsuit (because that is required for Sunny to let you on the beach in the first place)? Getting the skill to see all the girls on the map?