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Thanks for playing my game!

Gorgeous game, plays well too.

I really like how the plane slides around. Overall, great jam game, simple, well-executed, and fun.

I was stoked when you said this was a port instead of just a recreation. Good work.

@Warmonger aaaah! Sorry man. I had no idea that PS4 controllers used different inputs.

@jwang19 Actually, I didn't have a chance to bring it up, but the tank shells and minigun shells are tiny Jeff Bakalar heads. I call them "Bakullets". Unfortunately I couldn't make his face into a proper flame.

@joystickhero yeah, that was the flaw that I've been thinking about all day today. It was late and I was sick and tired and I cranked it too easy (there's literally a variable that I put at 45, and the game would be twice as good if it was 25). I actually spent a couple hours getting the game to run well with 1200 games on screen, so it sucks that that will never happen unless you play for 20 minutes. It's easy to change but I feel guilty doing it mid-jam, though I'll probably fix it later. A minimap was one of my biggest cutting-room floor things, it is totally irritating not having it!

@MiniChimera Sorry about the controller not working. Controller stuff in Unity is way more complicated than I had time to understand in one week while doing everything else. You've motivated me to figure it out though, and thanks for playing :)