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No problem, thanks for the response and all the great updates.

Just bought this and I threw in something extra for the other chars which are freeskie. Hope you continue to make great art.

These are so good. I need something like this for an 8 dir sprite.

 Thanks for listening to my crazy ramblings.

Like that Enter the Gungeon style.

Sweet little puzzler, relaxing and enjoying to play! Thanks for sharing.

Pat yourself on the back. 

Patrons only? Aw thanks man.

Thank you for bringing this wonderful language to Game Maker.  Back in the day Haxe was a mult-headed hydra beast that brought strong typing and ease of use to the flash platform and then the team went the extra mile and built an industrial strength vm for all platforms for building all sorts of things ( servers , web frameworks , etc) and not to mention awesome games. Great work!

S:S::S: I was just looking for this! 

Looks great, I can't pay you though :( something wrong with you paypal account maybe?