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I'm in the same boat bro, just get a Microsoft.NET error

Can't seem to open the launcher, keep getting a Microsoft.NET Framework error

I wondered if that pocket area below the badges were for anything

Instead go to thwe Itch website and download it there, it uses a third party installer which the app doesn't support.

Just finished playing through the game and if someone could clarify if I got all the badges that would be great, i got 4. Genuinely have zero faults with the game, absolutely perfect for what it is.

If you can't download on the app it means its third party installable so you have to download it through the website instead.

I always like playing these old school games, even the game only being displayed on a small window is a cool touch as that's how they were back then on PC. Very cool concept, I hope to see more of this style.

Cool short game, never really seen a game before where your getting yourself a drink of water, and as the glass fills up different sounds can be heard around the house. Cool concept.
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Took me 2 or 3 tries to know what the sounds related to but when I knew what I was doing its a very enjoyable game. I'm hoping you make this into a FNAF type thing where you survive an hour at a time, and Leenie progressively gets more difficult, maybe with different move sets as the hours progress.


The full game is out

How do you use the cheats?

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Thank you, please enjoy the movie.

Thanks bro. Looking forward to the full game.

Cool. This is the vid

Doesn't let me download. Says its hosted on incompatible website.

Really cool game. Just wondering whether or not the main menu song is royalty free as I was thinking of using it for my outro music on the video.

Every time I try to download the game it buffers for ages and eventually crashes. Is there any way I can stop thi from happening?

Really like how the game comes together in the end. Really cool story line.

Your welcome. I bet I'm the only person that failed to realise that I was missing a peice of evidence lol.

Thanks bro, sorry it took me a while to respond, I hve been away for the last couple days.

Only managed to get some of the endings but a very cool concept for a game.

I was determined to finish the game. An hour and a half later, and I soon realised that I was missing a peice of evidence.

But in all seriousness a very cool game.

Sad but at the same time terrifying

Took me a while to work out how to avoid the little enemies but I got there in the end.

I dont even have the fobia and this scared me

This scared me so much

Yes finally another game.

The plot thickens
Veiled community · Created a new topic My gameplay
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Very interresting game. I did encounter an issue at the end where I couldn't progress and the baby did not show up in the crib so hopefully that can be fixed.

Reminded me alot of Doki Doki

The title says everything

Every time that guy got in my way I got more annoyed lol

Got a laugh out of it.

Very cool game. It was the first game I played in this vid.

Just a bit lagy

That's fine. I'm just happy your continuing to work on the game as I really liked the first chapter.

This was an interresting game

I got to the part where you open the first door and when the mini cutscene of the two guards oppening the door finished, the game started to download something and then the crashed. This happened three consistent times.

Is there  a release date for chapter two yet?