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Lets go Stewie, I definitely don't take credit for the idea

Thanks for letting me know about this game, had fun playing it:

Nice thanks mate, I've got the baseball and tractor one for now. I was very close getting Golf and Lice, Lice seems really hard on the last stage though.

Would it be ok if you let me know what I need to do for each trophy? I played through the game again and this time I managed to get 2 trophies but I'm not completely sue what the other trophies require me to do.

Yeah I didn't do great at a lot of ther minigames, so I imagine getting a better score would help. And that end section of the gae it said I failed so I could definitely do that better as well. i didn't understand the Golf for the first few goes either so that could be improved.

I have now beaten the game and was wondering what the empty statue slots are for. Is that for other "endings" or for doing specific things in the game?

Nice, guess it will be a series then

Just played for around 40 minutes, how long would you say the full game is?

I only managed to play yhe first minute until the framerate got too much, please try and optimise the game so I can continue playing. The concept seems cool, but I can't play at max 20 fps

Took me an hour but I found the secret

The first Any% speedrun has been recorded. if you are interested in running the game, I have made a page on Also this is not a good time, just a test run to have something on the page.

Managed to find all 3 endings with definitely no help from the dev

Finally returned to this game to see all the new stuff since I last played

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Really great game so far

I got it, thanks for the help

I think I need one. I had a few ideas like if there was another paper I missed that triggered something, or cleaning the bare minimum graffiti but I son't know if that would do anything different. It's something to do with leaving i would imagine.

Anyone worked out all the endings yet. I have 2/3 which is to have all the money and to not have all the money. I imagine the 3rd one is more secret.

Roadrunner has been defeated

All good, just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything

I did the 3 Coyote challenges and the extra Road Runner challenge, but I did notice there are still 2 blank corners of the star. Does this mean I have missed something?

I am convinced there's a 2nd disk somewhere

I really don't like the feeling of being followed, and this game creates that feeling very well

Well I do need to return to unlock all the achievements, maybe I'll wait until the next added content update and remind myself to look for whatever it is

Squidward was indeed in clarinetland

Really like this game so far, still need to find all the coins

This new update seems very strange

Got a perfect score and hopefully saw every possible question in V2.0

Really great analogue horror game, excited to play more

Third game in the video

Second game in the video

There was indeed something in the well

Third game in the video

Second game in the video

First game in the video

I have done what I believe to be all but one quest using Carla, and I see you said that there's some differences between playing as the different characters. Is it worth playing through it again with the other characters for another video?

I am sure I saw somewhere that there are multiple endings. I killed all of them, let all of them escape, and collected all the posters. Have I missed anything?

I remember playing episode 1 and 2 in 2019, glad to see it's still being worked on

What ending did you get before, I thought there was only one for now?

I found the one in the shack, under the tree, next to the gate and in the patch where there's no grass. I thought it was something to do with the boulder but I don't think so.