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Ey thanks for the comment! I was rushing yesterday to make it before the deadline. I will check when I'm home but I didn't see the subtitles getting cut out (see my video playthrough).

I will try next time to make skippable cutscenes. This was the first time I did cutscenes in a game after all :D

Yes, I was dragging it for a while, I think I have to work on planning on preproduction before even opening the editor haha Thanks for playing it!

Sí, la verdad que se me hizo bola y decidí dar carpetazo antes de que se eternizara más. Gracias por jugarlo igual :D

Thanks for playing it and making a video, it is the first time I see somebody playing a game I made haha

This was a beautiful surprise. It allowed me to breath deep during 5 minutes in the middle of work (it made me good, thanks!). Loved the calmness and the tasteful decisions like leaving us contemplating the city with that music and ambient sound at the end. Very nice.

Está super logrado el look y el feel Psx. Gran trabajo!

I too came for the artistic style. Loved the peace the clean lines of the terrain and shaders give. It's a nice scrap.

Me ha encantado probarlo, me ha recordado a a short hike y eso me ha enternecido el corazon. Enhorauena!

nice! well done, interesting concept

Gracias por el comentario!

Si, en principio pensé que lo del ratón funcionaría bien para controlar la cámara también en web gl, pero no, al parecer hay que bloquear el cursor (ni idea de como). Tal y como está es preferible jugar con gamepad nada más.

Mi idea inicial era hacer checkpoints y distintos niveles pero la verdad fue que la arquitectura del proyecto no era la más conveniente para ese tipo de juego y tuve que conformarme con un nivel más o menos largo. Para el próximo espero aprender algo más de arquitectura y gestión de escenas.

El leaderboard me ha hecho jugar mas veces de las que pensaba, muy bueno!

Muchas gracias por tu comentario!

wow, fantastic. Congrats on the release

bien hecho, buen primer proyecto!

I always wonder how do you put out games so frequently and with such polish

wow! great game, had a blast playing it. Killed the final boss miraculously!

always good to see a new Securas' game

Original concept, I liked it! And the pixel art is charming too. Well done

thanks for playing and leaving your thoughts! Yes, it is indeed hard to control, I did 0 play testing and it shows. You know, I was afraid of bad feedback after so much work that I decided to just finish it and forget about it haha.

 I will let people try my future/more serious projects in advance and try to digest criticism in a constructive way.

I had a great time playing this tiny but brilliant jewel of a game.