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Heey!! im so happy to see you update the second part of the game! I CANT WAIITTT, I love this game so so much, is awesome, beautiful aesthetics, incredible characters, I- I cant. 


When I was playing it, when you are in the rebel's beach, if you get out of the place to, for example other scenery, without looking the tend where Arc and Raph is, then Sarah will say she will come with you, then if you want to go backhand speak with the guard, they will speak to you in Germany XDD,i forgot to make a screenshot! Im sorry, but if you want I can try to go back there to show you.

PS: rn im so worried about Raph, like, he dont deserve all of this :(((, I have a question, if you want to respond, Rap is a RO for Shawn? Because at first I thought that and I tried so hard to pair them out, but at this moment I dont even know if this could be possible xDDD

Hii! There is a way to download the file if you start playing in the browser? I want to download, but I dont want to start over again XD

I LOOVE Rockfire idk why xDD I have a question, the suits, do you have to do something to get it? or if you have enough affection you get it automatically?for example with Yanfeng, he has the new suit or is for future updates?

And second one, I see there are more characters like a firefighter and a hooligans? Are they already implemented or is it for future updates? because I can't find them xD

owww :( May I ask how come you chose this method? (just curiosity) One of the things that (personally) caught my attention the most was choosing a position xD and precisely my favs (<3Gabriel<3 and Ivaan) are tops, just my luck I guess XDD

Eyy, i have a question, in this game MC is more a top or a bottom?

lol it works HAHAAHAHAHAHA IT WAS SO EASY ALL THE TIME? Im dumb HAHAHA, and I had been doing all this things for nothing

I tried to open it in the aplication the file have, yep, I was trying differents forms and I in the content file, MACOs nwjs UNIX file, I open it via Terminal and the game have not any problem, just in case someone have a similar case, but I dont really know why it does not function the other way :(

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Hiii, i have a problem! ;( Evertime I open the game and try to do anything, this happen:

What should I do?

PS: Is a Mac

Hii! Im happy to see you can buy the game via itch! But, before I enjoy the game (im so hypeee), I need to ask, if I buy the game here, in itch, it will be only the game until now, or the future updates are inside the purchase too?

Congrats for the game tho!

Hello! I loved this story! Is lovely, I have a question tho, you cant choose your pronouns??

YASSSS, thank you for all your hard work! :)

OHhhhhh, thank you so much!! Is so sweet of your part doing this, i cant wait to play the second part!! Have a great day/night :)

Eyyy, i just wanted to say that this game was pretty good, it is funny to play and the characters hot af xD, is true that even if you put english as language, the last part of the game is in chinese, but well, with google translator in the movil there shouldnt be any problem, again thank you for all your hard work and i cant wait to see the next part!

... because there will be one, right? XDDD

Uhhhhhh im so hype! It will be only for Patreon members?

in the nsfw scenes, you decide the roles or is preselected? just curiosity

There is not hurry, really, you can update whenever you want, just dont push yourself too hard, we will waiting for it!

Heey! Thats so sweet of you, really, but I don't want to inconvenience you, I have another computer in my home so I guess I can wait a couple of months until then I play there! (I knew I should buy it here, in itch:( ) if you see there are a lot of people who have the same issue, then the post can be a good ideated we will be very grateful, but again, don't stress yourself with this kinda stuff, I guess the wait can make me more hype! 

oh, before I forget it, the game "Ex assault" will be the same? only for windows? 

Have a great day!

Hiii!!! Congrats for your released on Steam! I have a question, I see that in Itch you have the game for Mac, there will be for Mac in steam too?? Thanks for your attention!

Hiiii! first of all, this game is awesome! like,  thank you for your hard work! I have a question, I think I read in the game that the werewolf of the club will be one of the future  crew, and that is great! But, I have a question, the poor boy who have very poor lucky with his fiancee, will we have at least a form to help him? im not saying to go so far to make him part of the crew (but this would be awesome ngl) because this can be so much work, but like I feel sympathy for him, a soldier has fallen xDD, or at least we can do something with his shitty friends xD

Thank you for replying so fast, and don't worry about it, I just download again (TGBD001-MacOS(v1.02).zip) but is still not working, again the same error

 I have blue stacks and in there I can play without any problem, but maybe other people have the same issue and cant do anything about it :(


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Hii! Sorry for bother you, but every time I open the game, I can play it cause I have this error:

What should I do?? Thank you!

PS: Im playing in Mac, just in case

Hii! sorry for the delay, you can a discord server or something like that? I can enter via this or, if you prefer, you have Tumblr? I can talk to you in this way too

Hii! If you still need beta readers, I wouldn't mind helping! I hope you feel better

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Hiii!!! Im sorry to bother you again, I just finished the game (okey, I really really love it, and I cant wait for part two, its like, I try to search all the game and I have like 13-14 hours of game xD and I idk what to say, you put a lot of work and everybody who want to play it, will see that) I have other bug to report tho, idk if I was the only one to whom this happened, but SPOILER

when the Ecclesia guys interrupted in Arc's house and the group need to scape, all this part until the Garden I literally could traspase the walls, persons, and everything, idk why, maybe a little bug or something? Idk if this has anything to do with it, but I was with the «always run» option all the way and normally, when you hold down the action button in dialogues, it will go a lot of faster, but sometimes some dialogues overlap with others, and maybe this has something to do with that bug 

I hope this will help you!! Byee

PS: I don't want to pressure or something like that, but you have like a ideal date to part two? Its only pure curiosity, plis take your time, you did a great job with the first part :D

Hiiii!!! I think I see a little inconsistency, in the photo we see Sarah talking when you speak with the merchant, but supposedly Sarah had already left! 

I see a little bugs sometimes when you talk to NPCs like the text suddenly cut and appear the options to choose before the NPC finish their lines and then, when you choose, the lines continues like nothing to later continue the dialogue with the chosen option (I mean, idc this little errors, but I think I should tell you) [Im playing in a MacOS BigSur ver 11.2.1, I bought it via steam, idk if you need al this information,  but just in case]

On other hand I love the little details you put since beginning, so is not bored to play all the game again, the battle system changes too, and I like the news mechanics, the characters are lovely like always and the story is very interesting, you did a great job!! And I am very proud to have followed this project for several years, because I feel good seeing its evolution!!

Is Egon going to have his own route or we will never see him again? :(

PS: I love this game, thanks for your hard work!!

Good luck! I followed this game like since 2020 I think? And the first time I played the demo I loved this with all my heart, so im so happy to see you going so far! I will bought this tomorrow without thinking twice. I wish you so much lucky with all!!

PS: In the option with the mum, "I wish how to make things better" there is not link to the next page

Hiiii!!! Im starting the chapter 2 (I love it with all my heart) and when you can talk with your mum, sibling and Gary, if you talk first with mum and then Gray I found a bug? glitch? idk xD (have a great day!)

Eyyy, thank you!!

Hiii! there is a way to recover the file in Mac??? PS I love this game ty for your hard work

im crying haha (im in love with this story, if is not much bother, can I ask your schedule of updates?? I will waiting for the future chapters!! PS: The cliffhanger of chapter 2 lol I cant wait)

Thank you for your hard work!

Nah, thank you for your hard work! Idk if this will help you in a way, but I make a screenshot so you can see what im talking about (it is before that ""'re one of the toughest persons I know..."
August's words suddenly pop in your head and you snort bitterly. 
"If only. If only that were...true." 
Something trickles down your left cheek and you close your eyes, wishing the sun would come out sooner."):

Hiiiii!! I only want to say that I LOVE this story, and I must say I maybe or maybe not cry a little, the way MC struggle with all it is happening... I don't know, but make me a little emotional :D

Oh, i have a question tho, it is this part the last update? Because after that, my page went blank, without a word, there isn't even a "End chapter" to something like that, so, I found it a bit strange: 

"'re one of the toughest persons I know..."
August's words suddenly pop in your head and you snort bitterly. 
"If only. If only that were...true." 
Something trickles down your left cheek and you close your eyes, wishing the sun would come out sooner."

Have a great day!

I frisking love this story, really, thank you for your hard work! PS: I kinda like Arke, will he have more screen time? <3

I looooove it!!! Oh, I have a little question, you will continue the story or is in hiatus?

Ahhhhhh congrats!!! Im so hype about this game, I cant waaait <3

AAHHHHHH this is sooo cuteeeee, and sooo wonderfull and just ahhhhhhhh

But, I have a question, have you did some guide or something like that? I mean, I literally going crazy guessing how to make the mysterious "dragon anima" talk to me and no just, literally, say something to me and go away, or lunch with his friends, or something like that, I think is something about the stats (charisma maybe?) but ugh, and the same thing with Bugbear (he only speak with me the Friday and Im- :,D or Titus (who I think im starting to understand a little more but...)

Anyway, this game is so fricking precious and thank you so much for your hard work! 

AHHHH I'm literally will start the game again so I can make the wedding more special <3 that and my name, unfortunately, is not present in the name dlc xD IM SOO HYPEE