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Another scary pixelated horror game, good job :)

I made a video of this game and i'd appreciate anybody who could take some time out to check it out! :) 

Nice game, it needs more polishing, for example i could walk through walls and objects, but other than that i enjoyed playing, i liked the sound effects of the ghost's and they were pretty scary looking!! 

I made a video of this game, i'd appreciate anybody who checks it out and i hope you enjoy it :)

I had fun playing it!! :) 

You're welcome and thankyou :) 

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Hey i really enjoyed this game!! The sounds in this game were amazing and i like how the same sound will be louder than when it was previously played, because it makes me feel like there is something right behind the door. It was an easy game to and i hate hard games so that's another good point! And lastly i didn't come across any bugs apart from the patrolman getting stuck on a wall but he got out of it when i let him hit me so the game was great!! I made a Lets Play video of it for anyone that wants to check out the gameplay for The Mental Case, i'll appreciate it if you do and i hope you decide to subscribe :) 

This game was an excellent horror game!! I really loved the sounds that were used in this game which was the reason for all my fear and jump scares. I love the graphics very detailed!! Great game :) If anyone wants to check out my Lets Play of Contemp i'll put the video down below. I hope you enjoy it and decide to subscribe :) 

That's cool!! :)

Hey!! I really loved playing this game, it has an interesting storyline going on with it and i love the fact that there is an AI companion with you. Here's my Lets Play of The Investigation for you people that wanna check it out and i hope you decide to subscribe!! :) 

No problem :)

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This game was really fun for me to make a gaming video on, i hope you enjoy my video and cool game!! :) ~ BMC

Oh true!! It would be a good idea to actually paste the video link XD Here is the video:

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This was an interesting game!! Good job :)

This is a really interesting game!! Check out my little video i made on it :)

You're welcome and nah all good!

You're welcome :P

Awesome game!! I was freaking out throughout the whole game!!

Make sure to subscribe if you enjoy the video :)

Awesome game!! I loved playing this game and i was freaking out about EVERYTHING!! Witness it here and make sure to subscribe if you enjoy!!

This game was AWESOME!!

My pleasure, it's a great game!!

Hey i'm really enjoying your game! The monster really scares me every time it chases me haha which i encounter in the second part. I made the 1st part Lets Play video of it, so if anyone wants to come check it out go right ahead! Make sure to subscribe if you enjoy to support the channel, thanks! :)

Hello, i played and made a Lets Play of your game. I really enjoyed playing it and it just looks so pretty with the use of different colours surrounding the environment! Thank you for making this game :) For anyone who decides to check out my video, make sure you subscribe to support the channel, and I'll see you in the next video!!

Well i got a score of 0.... Check this funny stuff out here! Enjoyed the video? Subscribe to join the BMC-UNIT and for more videos!!

You're welcome :) and yeah i could imagine i definitely got lower frames than usual. I usually get 60+ fps but got around 30-40 fps with this game.

RUIN community · Created a new topic GamePlay Video of RUIN

If you enjoyed the video make sure to subscribe to join the BMC-UNIT and for more videos!!

This game terrified me haha!! It was cause of having to walk around so many corners so i was expecting a jumpscare around every corner, awesome game :) For anyone else who wants to check out me screaming and yelling from fear from this game then watch this video here! If you enjoy it make sure to subscribe to join the BMC-UNIT and for more videos!!

It's my pleasure XD

No problem i enjoyed playing :) and aaaah okay i thought so!! And i'll make sure to check it out when you apply the updates :)

Hey i played your game and i enjoyed it! I didn't know what i was doing at the beginning but then found the key so then i knew i had to unlock one of those locked doors which i succeeded! I love the idea of how there's a girl with an hour glass and if she sees you she summons the spider, really cool idea :) I reckon you should add more ambient background music to give it more of a scary atmosphere. Heres my GAMEPLAY VIDEO i made on Red Hour Glass. For anyone else, if you enjoy this video make sure to subscribe for more videos!!

You're welcome :)

Watch my gameplay video of The Last Evidence! Remember to Like, comment and subscribe :)

Hey i really enjoyed your game, the monster is actually pretty scary especially when you turn to see him just floating there in the darkness like a cat waiting to pounce! And the jumpscares are really good! Most games the jumpscares aren't that scary but these ones were everytime!! The only thing i would wish is there was more to it, like maybe progress to different levels that are set in different rooms that get progressively harder by maybe having more than one of those monsters appearing in the room etc. Anyway Good job! :) I also made a Gameplay Video of this if you wanna check it out:

Check out my Lets Play of KEYHOLE!! (VERY CREEPY ENDING)

Wreck the party Gameplay: