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I've reported it 3 day ago, but it's still online, so I thought mentioning it here might be quicker.

The screenshots are stolen from and one closer look into the files tells you it's a cryptominer, it's not even hidden. I haven't played it myself, but a buddy of mine with whom I tried to figured out what's going on had a 100% cpu usage while and AFTER playing the game and the process was linked to the game's crypto folders.

Hope it's okay to post it here.

Like in I mentioned in my previous post, it's best to start a new game. You can activate "skip seen" in preferences if you don't want to read all again.

looks like you used an incompatible save-file. I'd start a new game if it keeps happening with other saves as well.

It's a one-time purchase, updates are free.

Additionally, converting the image series to a raw avi and then using the rife app works flawlessly and within seconds while the image series took ages until it threw the error at around 80%.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 278, in RifeQueue
  File "", line 222, in SendData
  File "", line 196, in SendBatch
RuntimeError: stack expects each tensor to be equal size, but got [3, 1080, 1920] at entry 0 and [3, 1440, 2560] at entry 1
I'm running two 3090s and no matter which one of them I use, I get this exact same error when trying to interpolate an image-series using default settings.

Glad it works now and and maybe you discover something new in the early game ;)

I think you can request a refund by itch directly. If they have any questions, send them my way ;)

I'd say the story is about 2/3 done by now, so two more updates is the absolute minimum + Rachels story, but it's more likely that the next updates are a bit smaller since the work on the last one was hell and I don't want to go through that again, so it'll probably be about 3 - 5 smaller updates.

And yes, there will be more with Kat ;)

...and that's the easiest and fastest way to get banned from an adult game.

I haven't tested it, but the game makes several autosaves, so there should be at least one that you can use.

you need to start from day 9 when the "Day 9" text pops up on screen (when waking up early in the morning), or simply start a new game. That's because I've changed some variables to get the new map working properly.

I've uploaded a newer version using a newer engine version as well, hope this helps.

If you have some old save files, try deleting them. If you use an older android version: update your android version...

That's all I can think of at the moment, I'll keep you updated.

I haven't found the cause for this yet, and it only seems to affect very few peoply, but what you can do is:
show package content on app - contents - macOS - open badmemories executable file.

Yeah it's blocked in germany, nothing I can do about it :(

Thanks :)

First of all, you can download all version, not only the android version, so if you have a computer or tablet you could try that.
Second, and more importantly "can't open the file" is not really anything I've seen on an android. "Can't install", yes, that usually happens when there's not enough (temporary) space to unpack/install the apk, you usually need 3-4 times as much space as the .apk file size, but I think 5gb is the minimum. Again, this is just for unpacking/installing, the game itself doesn't need that much space.
You also need to enable "install from unknown sources", otherwise it just won't let you install the game.

That depends on your monitor I guess, I used full srgb spectrum to make sure it's lit properly, but of course conversion and if your monitor or screen can't do the full color range or just has bad contrast or brightness it will look a little different/darker than it should.

It has been asked before, yes. The problem isn't that it's on mega, but that you don't "own" it. I wasn't entirely sure how this works on itch, so I recommended to buy the game as long as it was "Pay what you want" to be on the save side. Now it's too late though :/

Thanks a lot, apprechiate it. I think you'll like it if you liked the previous versions, I got some really nice feedback already :)

I said everyone who "owns" the game, note the quotation marks. I've mentioned a few times here in the posts that I also did not know how this works here on itch and recommended to buy the game for the cheapest price possible as long as it was possible if you wanted to make a 100% sure.

There's one thing you can try though, but I'm not sure if this works for anyone other than me, so be aware that you might delete the game for nothing:
If the game is in your library > delete the game, from your library > re-download the game (if it lets you).
Since the old version is not available anymore, it should only be able to download the new version.

You know what irks me? People who complain and outright insult others while not even having the decency to read the news right above their post, news that are available there for more than 2 months for anyone to read. Even reading some of the posts here would have propably enlightened you.

But I get it, it's easier to just complain...

The updates will still be free, but what I said was that I'm not sure how this works on itch and if you wanted to make sure that you keep getting the updates for free it's best to buy the game as long as you can choose the price yourself.

I'm still not a 100% sure tbh, but I guess if you can't download the update you'll have to buy the game.

What's UPI? And more importantly, why is my internet so lame rn?

I made a lengthy explanation about how and why the pricing changes, also gave a lot of time and oportunity to buy it for the lowest amount possible on itch. Sorry mate, but that one goes on you^^

Thanks for the compliment though :)

Did you buy it before?

You should've read the news before^^

If you bought it before you can download it from your library.

I'm not entirely sure how it works here on itch, my guess is that it's enough if you have it in your library, but if you want to make a 100% sure you should probably buy it.

You buy it on Steam, you get it for Steam. You buy it on Itch, you get it for Itch.

Right now you can still buy the Itch version for 1 buck, the Steam version is $8,99, so I'd grab the Itch version as long as it's possible.

What do you mean? I always make backups ô.O

Thanks, a few weeks from now.

I have a discord, link on my profile, but just to make it clear from the beginning: no I won't change parts of the game because "something" :P

Well you could argue that steam just wants to make sure you don't exploit it as a pure marketing site, which is understandable imo.

Once the new update is done and up, you'll be able to install it via itch, right now the game is hosted on mega because of itch's file-size limitations, but by now these restrictions don't apply anymore, so as I said, next update will be on itch directly.

Really? I didn't expect that, sorry I thought 0.01 is possible... thinking about it now though, it makes sense. It would cost itch a lot more to process the payment.

I mentioned that already, I'm not sure if it's enough to have it in the library, since it's still "pay what you want" it should work, but if you want to make sure, buy it for $0,01.

Thanks a lot, glad to hear it was me who took your (AVN) virginity xD

GPU troubles have been solved already (luckily), that's why there is an update around the corner^^

Next update will be on itch directly. I have really poor internet, so I try to not upload in too many places, other wise my internet will be busy for days :/