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Wow, where do I even start this game is amazing at keeping a constant feeling of dread and uneasiness Rarely do we ever get this interesting View of the Killer's perspective and how they may be coping with the horrible acts they have done also makes me wonder if the game is based on a true story or not maybe it is or maybe that's just the developer being amazing at storytelling with the help of some IRL photos of people either way really good game and played it in this episode of 3 scary games on my channel Gameplay starts at 19:17.

I really enjoyed this game had a super interesting style to it as well as some really good graphics such a shame it was so short but was still a super cool experience. Your game is the 2nd one played in this video and it starts at 11:29 look forward to more projects from you : )

I played your game for an episode of 3 scary games on my channel and completely got sidetracked at the beginning lol

I didn't notice the red flashing light at the start also the part with the red text and distorted person sounds like some sort of code is being said because it felt like the game had more to it and I just wasn't able to figure it out also your game is the first one I really enjoyed it though :)

had a super fun time playing can't wait to do more vids on this game :)

Going to have to split the game into two separate parts or maybe even three but here's part one cause I'm literally clicking on everything I can to try and get every piece of dialogue because GOD this game has just sucked me into this world very well stylized and just super fresh and high quality and I love the thought of Yame's making full-length games and really getting to show their talent because of course the shorter games like "The Well" or "Discover My Body" are really excellent but it doesn't hold a candle to the potential I am seeing in this game.
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Love the improved quality as well as a good soundtrack definitely my favorite chapter and hope you continue this series : )

Fantastic loved the mystery behind this chapter in particular added a certain feeling of dread to it, especially with the whole laboratory scene. 

super cool game love the Twilight Zone vibes Keep up the good work look forward to more games by you : )

LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT CAN'T WAIT FOR CHP2 here's my video hope you enjoy. :)

GOT SCARED A BUNCH XD here's my vid hope you enjoy : )

Beautiful game really enjoyed the heavy hitting dialogue that made the characters feel alive. It also was such an immersive experience I felt like I was experiencing all this with them and the unknown ending a feeling of comfort but also a lingering feeling of worry I loved it PLEASE CONTINUE TO MAKE GREAT GAMES. : )

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Had a really fun time playing your game but I found a few bugs in the game my character would just get stuck in certain areas like the log cabins but despite this I still had a good time playing keep up the good work. : )

The tense atmosphere and the 2nd person camera angles reminded me of old resident evil games and the idea of being watched is always an interesting thing to see captured in a  game. All together I had a great time playing your game it was the first game in my video and I hope you enjoy it.

Very interesting game but was very short I do however have to say I loved the ending chase scene gave me chill your game is the third and final game in my video hope you enjoy it.

Had a super fun time playing your game even if I Only discovered the first ending rly cool atmosphere and look forward to your future projects it is the second game in the video Hope you enjoy.

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The ending scared me to DEATH had a very fun time playing it keep up the good work <3

Absolutely loved this game keep up the good and creepy work Yames your style is in a class of its own also here's my video with me failing to do a country accent horribly enjoy.