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my biggest problem i've faced with the game has simply been my luck with finding items. the build sounds fun and possible .... if i actually got even some of the more useful common items on a regular basis. in that run alone i saw only the lucky shiv, one cursed shiv, and two normal shivs with one of them popping up in a late run shop.

(should add : this isnt a problem with the game. [it's a rouge like. i expect this] i just have horrid luck for getting even the basics of items when it comes to RNG sometimes. and i am VERY excited for what the devs behind it end up making with it in the future.)

quick mini update : tried endless and only managed to get to level 12. with the boss's summons taking me out right after removing the boss.

WITH ONLY A SLIVER OF HEALTH LEFT i have finally beaten the final boss ..... (atleast the FIRST final boss from what i see in the comments below) this is my first (and likely only) time ever actually beating the creature and only second time reaching them out of .... who knows how many runs...... i would like to apologize to the two luck rings that gave me this chance and mathew for finally giving me something decent to start with. fun game. real fun. just more difficult than a souls game if you don't got gud luck

to add to this. upgrading archers is a mini trap. after the first upgrade they get just slightly too exspensive to get out fast enough. and if you use all your cheap units on upgrades to will need to restart from the beginning.

fun game though.

from what i went through i am immensely excited to have a go at playing this someday. everything about it has some many things i personally enjoy.

but (and i hope this is a good place to ask) im a little confused are ardents and what they could do (what tags work for em n what not).

other than that. it's amazin.

the more i play this game the more i am genuinely confused on how people manage to make it past the lava zone without being massacred by neither the olms or the fire geckos. 

fun game, i just continue to have absolutely horrid luck.

finally gotten to reaching the final boss for the first time and ...... by the sweet merciful spikes hurt.... 

this game is fun and can be enjoyable .... the only problem i have with it is that my luck is so absolute garbage that i have legitimately died to the first enemies around six or seven times now .... four of which was in a row

ah understandable. i saw a couple of tokens that were the wallflower npcs in a video that looked exactly similar to your packs so i was just curious if they were in another pack or so.  apologies for any inconveniences 

curious question but is there another pack or so that has the wallflower NPCs?

(thank you for the assistance by the by)

took the help of someone smarter than me but we figured out the door code (which i personally think was a well done puzzle even if i couldnt figure it out) 

overall after completeing it. it was fun! only things that ever got in the way were the statue hitboxes (which i know yall mentioned a couple times to others) and that you can get duplicate items if you leave a room and reenter it a couple of times.

either way really fun!

i don't understand the first puzzle ... i went to each of the prisoners multiple times and got either 1342 or 9015 and neither of the codes worked. i dont get what the answer or clue is for the puzzle.

this is a wonderful idea and honestly wish there were more alchemy games out there.

i enjoyed the puzzles and the concept of how the puzzles worked. giving the chemicals negative and positive charges and putting them in the right order is unique!

game has a neat idea .... however the rng can bog it down and cause the player to be stuck in a loop of 

enemy attacks -> cant do anything -> take unnesecary damage -> get shield -> enemy does nothing -> waste more turns -> attack -> enemy has shield.

if there was a better way to plan ahead it would be MUCH better. but as it is now .... still a neat idea to try!

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lemme say first off that pico-8 games are just adorable by the factor that they are playable PNGs so this game already had my thumbs up. 

then add onto it being a simple and fun little sailing game and you have my attention.

mix that with the lovely story one can find that makes me want more to see where the two went off after the last bottle (not gonna spoil anything)

and finally that mini ost that just makes this entire game a tiny cute package and .... it's just great. well done.

the game has a wonderful idea, and i quite enjoy it however i find that the ghosts and spawns of them can be a little unforgiving. (can't think of a better word but there is one) they very often are stuck in a long hallway next to either your objective or entrance. and personally i have yet to even complete a game .... even on easy .....

then again i may just be garbage at the game. either way it is a wonderful concept and lovely music to go with

game is actually pretty fun and a very interesting idea for a quick little game. 

only real problems with it (ignoring the massive amounts of luck it needs to get from lamp to lamp) it (and this is partially still on the luck situation) when certain enemies chase you in a diagonal way that you are unable to hit them due to the simplified aiming.

will likely come back to try some more n get farther