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Finally I can play this game everywhere. Actually I didn't even know this game has already released on google play lol.

I'm just happy to be able to play this on my phones. ty for releasing good game and ty for replying my google play reviews. 

btw if i play this game on android idk why but it plays 30 frames. i think it's problem on my phone or something.

I was gonna write a I were can't download it that day but I did download today. wat. anyway, thank you for releasing a good game.

It's a hard game but also a fun game. I Saw this game released a 2.0 version. So I try to install the game but I couldn't install it bc of the unknown error. what should I do?

This game is so good game that I want to play this game at Android. I feel fun at playing this game.

Will you launch this game in to Android and ios? I wanna play this game everywhere