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Thanks. (wink

Hey there. I have a question about the first change.

Does it mean the weaknesses would be highlighted during battles or that they would show in dicktionary? Or both?

'Cuz I just updated to this version but I can't yet see their weaknesses in dicktionary but only in battles.

OMG, it's so small. haha. Thanks

Can't believe I missed it.

Thank you so much, roydj and rbanvill!!  XOXO

Anyone knows where to find the third of the twins', and the second of Astaroth's?;(






Hey. Just wanna say again that I really love this game and all the arts.

I could do some translation into Chinese, if you need, I am fully available, like too available.

I am all by myself and don't really have game translation experience though.

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Hey. Thank you so much for such a wonderful game. I love it soooo much that I wanna enter the game and live there. Can't wait until the next update!!

How did you manage to pass the first day?

Great to hear that. <3

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Nice artwork, and pleasant music. But maybe I'm just too bad at games. Here are some of my personal suggestions, hope you don't mind:

1. After you get key items, you can't move or do anything. I personally think the time for that is a little bit too long. Would be better if he does some gesture or just let the player do whatever he want to.

2. The brown insect enemy that emerges from the wood or ground, it's quite hard to predict their action while sometimes I try to jump over them ending up landing right on them. Some dirt or rubble splashing would be great. And also, even when it hides into the wood or ground, you can still hit it at horizontal level, not sure if that's on purpose.

3. Some spelling errors, like tourist, touristic are all missing an o at the beginning, which end up being turist, turistic. And I forgot where it is exactly, before or after Nogaru collected all the ingredients for the dessert, Iara said "Any excuse to explore the island" or something like that. This one I'm not so sure if it should be "any excuse" or "a good reason". Maybe there are some others but I am not quite a native English speaker so...

4. Before fighting the drill when Iara get trapped in the machine, or any other big fights yet to come in the following story, I think there should be a checkpoint or the bird stand. And also, that the game ends when I die really annoys me, even if that's because I suck at games. Or maybe I can save by taking photos and I just didn't know?

5. Sometimes, you just get damaged and knocked back onto a booby trap and then activate it and get knocked back onto it again, which is kinda annoying as well... Or maybe I should just avoid getting damaged in the first place.

6. I was firstly shocked when I saw Nogaru shooting something from his bare hands. Like, why? What's the background story? Is this a dimension where magic exists? Is it better if he could use a toy gun or something? And Iara, her only things to do in this game seem to be taking photos, and get caught. Well, I think she can at least try to pick up those coins.

7. And this one is really personal. What's an tropical island without hunky muscle guys, or beautiful bodies? Haha. This is just my personal interest. So... you can ignore it.

Well, so far so many I guess, sorry for so many "personal" suggestions. Developing games can be really hard, and I think you are doing a great job.

Wow, that was fast. Will check it later. Thank you very much.

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Like the graphic and stuff, but I have to say it gives me a bad game experience. For example the foreground blocks your view thus you can't see enemies, and the character gets damaged during dash and stuff. Couldn't even make it to the second boss. And there are bugs too, like I got teleported to the wall when I first got the knife.

Really love this game. Expecting a sequel.