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Petan is the creator of the background, but he has since deactivated his pixiv account and homepage😢

Thank you!! Development has been pushed back because of the pandemic...But I'm working on it slowly but surely! Your feedback fills me with energy💪💪✨

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Thank you! The sprites were done by me, while the backgrounds were done by two different artists, petan and fuura

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Thank you! I'm happy that you liked it 🙏🙏 the wonderful backgrounds were done by two different artists, petan and fuura

Clean and beautiful game! It's a satisfying sweet story.

Thank you! Your comment gives me motivation to finish the game 💪

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About ~30 minutes into the story and so far very entertaining. It's a different type of storytelling than I'm used to, and I'm having a lot of fun trying to navigate!

Very cute game! Everyone has a distinct personality and the music sets up the mood nicely. I'm biased towards Zaina (my favorite) but Paxton and Finn are also sweethearts

Thank you for the positive comment 😭 I appreciate it!!

Thank you! Your comment means a lot ❤️

Thank you!! I hope you'll also enjoy the game once it's fully finished 😁

Thank you! I'm glad that you liked it 😊

Thank you for the kind words! I'm very happy to hear that you enjoyed the demo. I'll keep working hard :D