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I still haven't gotten a chance to play, and I haven't read the book in a while, but as I recall, you don't have to play a channeler playbook to acquire an astir through advancement and spend the whole rest of the game as a pilot.

gonna use distill browser add on to follow this project, I'm super into using this for d&d character art, but I almost never play as a human. if more types of creatures get added to this in fft style I will absolutely get in on this. this is wonderful, that's one of my favorite character art styles.

5 and 10 are the same question. And to answer that question specifically, you *can* run it that way, but it's better if you don't, at least in other PBTA games. in the other PBTA games I've read, it's made clear that playbooks aren't just your class, they're also your role in the narrative, and guidelines for your character's story, so it can be done but it can feel like stepping on eachother's toes if two people are taking the same one.

can I get confirmation on the pronunciation of "Astir?" I default to "asTEER", but I've also heard "a-STIR," and "ACE-ter."

you'd probably be better off taking the systems and rules from beam saber (which is blades in the dark, as I assume you meant), and adjusting them to an armour astir fantasy setting instead of a galactic war.

the preview d6 table for the beacon has a typo. at least, I think it does. did you mean "despise" where it says "despite?"