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Happy 100 days old!

Yo the game is almost 100 days old

And also where did my last comment go?

What happened to this

monke saved

You aren't a real gamer until you've won coin collect

I found that if you were to die on the level that you get the heals it sends you back to the play screen and you cant do anything

you've got to be kidding me

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I search by most recent (I got 40.623 btw)

Ayyy 27.265

I noticed on the punching animation that there was a random pixel that would appear behind person for a second, and a green thing on the left side of the log in the first level. Also where is the blue sky?

I was a bit confused with the spikes but other than that it was a good game

Dang it happened again

This doesn't look right lol Also is the game just supposed to stop at wave 19?

Sounds fun


Lol the last 2 secrets are where I thought they were going to be when the levels were first added

I found a bug where you just randomly fall through the floor

Ok now the game looks finished 

Well this was a lot shorter than I was expecting

I got all the banan

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swag this was the part of the floor i was talking about btw

I found a bug in the third level where you can fall under the floor and get stuck, and you can also click the play button more than once which spawns in multiple of the player.

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Wait this game is back!? (found the "new" secret btw)

Yooo an update


Yoo i found the Super Secret

Well that was fun

189.3 final time B)

This was great lol


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Did you rate this 1 star because it wouldn't load for you?

Could you make a way to skip the beginning cutscene?