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Debug Text!

Did you seriously rate this 1 star because it wouldn't load for you?

Could you make a way to skip the beginning cutscene?

The first block of the sand zone is too close to where you spawn making it near impossible to pass.

Ayy Big Boy ending

Hold up

Ty lol

Hey cool, I think I just won.

One the second level when spinning the As to get the second one to launch it to the third, the third A will just spin in circles.

If you press A too fast the A will continue to spin and not launch the ball

That ending was really anticlimactic lol

Lol you can just hold S and win

So close lol

Here you go

I wish I had so Imma try to get it again

4:03 pog


Is there only one floor?

they added a speedrun timer lol

Still unsure on what to do with the secret room


I've been consumed 

That last puzzle took me way longer than it should have

That ending doe

Well that was fun

There is a bug with door 5 of the hotel that makes you unable to go into the lobby.