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As far as i know!

Yup! We have an arcade mode in progress. You can select any song and replay it. There is also a score chaser mode where the song loops and gets faster

Let me know if there are any issues with the songs in this server

I found the issue, i will upload a fixed version now

We'll see!


I dont know what is happening in your case but ill keep a look out

Can you let me know if you're playing in the web browser or the downloaded version? Also, if its the web browser, which browser are you using?

This might happen if you alt tab and tab back in? Not sure! If you restart is it still broken?

The steam version will have it, not ready yet! :)

oh thats cool! I guess i wouldnt have discovered that unless i did a run without repairing it. The house is probably the best thing in the game. Adorable

Amazing game! Played the whole thing and got the nice art at the end :D


Awesome mod! I played the whole game with the mod enabled, so cool to see someone elses' ideas :D I can't wait to see what else you manage to make. By the way, we're still working on Charles and more updates are coming soon. With an eventual steam release

Nice! A few things here and there, and you'll have a worthy competitor to Vampire Survivors. At first, I didn't know what to do, but I was sorted when I realized the yellow thing was helping me

Love how juicy this entry is! Great sounds and visuals for sure. So much depth too! No pun  intended

Lots of chaos! Very nice :)

I guess Ludwig spilled dolphin juice all over the floor again, remember this?

Love it! It really came together nicely! I managed to finish both levels on my first try; all is well in the Ludwig home 

Nice! The music slaps :D And I love the vibe; it reminds me of flash games I played back in the day...

Mr. Cule! Thanks a lot :D 

Thanks a lot! The music is done by and it was his first time doing music for a game. Wicked outcome!

Thanks for your feedback Thlurp! I was so pleased when you mentioned you liked the game. Gives me hope for our boy Charles!

Ruuuuj! Thanks so much for playing the game and even showcasing it on your stream :D Don't listen to him btw, he's postering as if he's a dancing god, but he's more like a dancing AMATEUR! xD

Amazng! You guys are doing good work trying to shine a light on indies. I wish great success for you lads :D

Thanks so much for playing! And thank you for leaving some feedback as well. It was a pleasure chatting to you on Twitch regarding how we can make the game better :)

Awesome game! Yeah the spring boy got me stuck as well xD This is an excellent first entry into the gamedev world! Very excited to see you do more of these

Wow! Awesome game, you made a very polished experience in such a short time!

Wow! I was moving so fast, and dying so fast too haha

I got to witness the death effect quite often! I liked it :)

The world is plunged into darkness and I couldn't be happier! :)

Very challenging but quite fun! It was brutal dodging some of those obstacles to get the energy boosts

Nice entry! I reached the end but didn't decide to retry because I assumed it would be the same game. Hopefully, I'm wrong about that! :P

The character felt very heavy and moved too slowly in my opinion, but overall everything else was good!

Loved this entry! The controls were a bit hard to grasp at first, and then I figured out that mashing the four keys or cycling between them randomly was way easier than trying to press them all at the same time. 

The SFX and visuals were splendid as well! :)

Great entry! There were a few times I managed to soft-lock myself by combining the wrong objects, but that was quickly overcome by refreshing.  I love how simple the game is to understand and start playing; good job on that!

Tough but fun! Fantastic entry, i was hoping to see comb-nation games :D

Omg! It took me an entire minute to figure out I can switch the balloons by pressing the key again, I thought I just had to deal with whatever random one I got. Between that, and battling with sticky keys windows prompt, it was an uphill battle. But I managed to finally start fulfilling the peoepls' demands!

Unfortunately, i wasn't able to figure out how to play, but I guess I managed to progress through some levels by accident? Very cool aesthetic and sounds tho!

Not bad at all! It got a bit repetitive but was fun enough for a mini game or arcade style experience. Of course it could use more polish regarding hitboxes and timings but we all know how little time we have for these things during a jam! :)

Wow! This game seems like it has so much complexity! I barely managed to finish the first two levels haha. Even some full releases have less nuanced exploration and options for abiltiies. Very cool!

Yeah, the knight is very strong! I think if there were more variety to the levels we could figure out some places where the knight is practically useless. You know how it is~! So little time to get to everything :P

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment :)