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Great game! i loved the static art and the sounds a lot. It has a lot of content for a jam game, it took me a while to get to the end. Perhaps you could add an in-game tutorial so that players knew what to do, but otherwise, solid entry!

Nice submission! The movement felt really nice, and the game felt smoooooooth like butter. Obviously could use more gameplay mechanics and content, but for a 72hr game its good. Really nice feeling inputs and sounds.

Hey! Fantastic game! This game is one of the rare cases where i think a glow effect was used well. Usually games overdo it, but you guys did a great job. I managed to finish the game in roughly 11 minutes so its a nice amount of content. Here's some places where i think you can improve the game :

  • Perhaps you can add some indication to a turret that it is a bout to fire. Either a sound that plays as the turret charges, or particles that appear near it. Another possibility is to use the red bars you've drawn on the turrets themselves as a loading bar for each shot. So the bar can fill up, and once its full, it fires.
  • Another thing that could use some work is the hit box and timings for the sword swing. Most of the time i died, i felt like the game cheated me. Usually you want to give the players more leniency than they expect to avoid that feeling. So in your case, making the hitbox for the sword more generous than it appears.
  • An interesting mechanic you can introduce would be to let the player change the angle of the bullet. This can be done by re-directing the bullet in the direction the mouse is pointed towards instead of directly back to the turret. This can allow you more gameplay mechanics like re-directing bullets to activate buttons, cut ropes, kill other turrets, etc.
  • Another thing you can work on would be a cooldown between the sword swings? This is a tough thing to implement because it feels really nice as it is, to be able to swing as much as you want. The problem that your current system introduces, is that spamming mouse clicks is the most effective way to progress. So i guess its a balance between fun (spamming the sword) and challenge.

That's about it for now. There are other small tweaks like adding abilties, items, currency, reducing the elevator travel time. But those aren't super important. Great game, look forward to seeing more :D

As per usual Malgios strikes it out of the park! I got to level difficulty 5.9 and i activated all of the towers. I wasnt sure if there was more to do, so i stopped there :P Good to see you still making awesome games

Very nice!

First "finished" game! Very exciting, looking forward to more opportunity to train our game dev muscles.

My favorite game from the jam! 

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Love the cutscenes and art, great job! Had a hard time figuring out how to jump, but other than that : smooooth gameplay