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i love u so mush

 can  you publish other one(anything goes)in unityassetstores? (total amount is every sprite) so that I can pay. last send me the sprite by email

Please publish to (assetstore. Unity. Com) everyone is so perfect, but I can't buy it on itch

it's so cool

I will use the material for my demo, and I will show it to you in about a month

The head to body proportion is six or five

it's so cooooool!
If  more attack animations, it will be better

it's so cool~

i like it
would you want make some sprite of 5 or 6 head body

sry ,do you want make a geese or pigs, because I was often chased by them when I was a child

i think its so cool~

dear chierit

Because doesn't support my credit card and PayPal account, I can't pay for your opus. Do you have any idea to publish your works to assetstore.unity? Thank you very much if you can