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i think ive seen this in reddit before

its been 2 years omg

hopefully he's still alive and just doing his own thing now

dont worry man he wants to too

means this guy did a perfect job recreating it then

from my knowledge your account wont get banned

a redditor in the wild

also love the music and how accurate the tutorial was!

great demo so far! really gave me the feel of playing mario 63 for the first time again.

 my only complaint is that in the original game you can kill enemies with F.L.U.D.D and the spin attack in the air has no time limit. tho i dont remember if the spin attack in the air move has a time limit been a while since i played mario 63 lol

damn its already may at your time zone?

few hours of dying later, turns out i needed to turn off the lights


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question: when i pick damian only, at 1am when he goes to the hallway at the second time theres a dude that appears in the middle part of the office. i tried clicking on it but it doesn't work, its basically instant death

is there a way to keep it from killing me?


NOW im getting kind of worried

its already 2022

revie, director (not creator, thats rightburstultra) has done bad things kids in this comment section would not understand
just know its very bad, like 20+ years in jail/therapy bad

after recent events that i dont think you wanna know, i dont think he's gonna do a faker test

thats literally indie cross

sir, have you ever heard of a 


we have reached the peak of gaming. 10/10. no sidequests or dumbshit just straight to the point. mario fucking dies.

faker's actual name is EXE, and yeah the song faker and blacksun are getting removed but the artwork are staying because divide made it

Are we still going

unless you have recorded proof i wont believe you

iirc you cant get banned for swearing unless its scratch

id admit its pretty cool, but  YOUR RECOLOR CANT OUTMATCH THIS (nuts)

Admit that its better

give criticism instead of "uhhh -1/10 because u can full screen"

mod the switch

honestly, i thought the only way you can get past through the gate was with boxes. after trying to solve a puzzle i saw the painting with the gate open. what a bruh moment

okay, so the last time we saw him was like a few months ago, and you may say that its like TF2 where the game doesn't get updated but the devs still exist. but the thing that worried me is that in one post phykro said that he got Covid-19. and being the dumbass i am, i panicked. but wished him safety. there was no message from him since a few months ago. am i getting paranoid?



my christmas hat is still better than a BF recolor

trust me, i have seen the horrors of the internet when i was a little kid, and let me tell you, its a LONG TRAUMATIZING STORY

check again

and was this test said to be directed for kids? No. it was not.