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Hello I'm Lily.

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You need to Extract the Zipped Folder. You right click on it, and click Extract All. It'll enable you to play the game in the same folder, practically virtually copied. Just make you sure open the game  in the new copied folder; and I'd recommend keeping the Zipped folder as a backup in case anything happens to the copied one. Have fun!

As instructed, for Windows version I clicked the 'Pop-up Blocked' Icon next to the bookmark button, clicked allow, and it says the link isn't available anymore? Help would be appreciated.

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Took me 3 months to buy a controller to play this game; it was probably longer, though. But after having problems with it just downloading, it finally starts; but when it got to about 76mb out of the 300 or 400 mb, 700+ mb, it said that it failed, and that it is forbidden.. Help?  I am very ready to play with bugs, this game looks fantastic and I'm still super interested! Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!