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It's supposed to happen after he rejoins the party.

He doesn't really have any skills just yet because he just became a dragon.

I've made day 4 the ending of the game no matter what route you took.

You can help out everyone in the neighborhood and do the military, gang, and church questline all in one run.

You can only get one ending per run though.

At the moment I will not make a promise to do that.

You may have to replay the game, because unless this comes up again I have no idea what's the matter.

At this moment no, I've ended the story at Day 4.

Gonna take your suggestion and make a new, shorter game for the competition.

Sorry, but I don't.

This is the best I have for you.

You can also now do the underpass quest after returning home from the Abandoned military facility. You'll need to read the letter in the house to initate it still though.

Just go straight there after reading the letter.

Fixed the issue with the bird police quest. You'll have to speak to the police board again to initate it, though you may need to use a previous save file to access it if the game locks you out of it.

You can download the one on my page.

2. At least 1 of the main characters should have the essence of Bara associated with them.

Roger is the definition of a twink. XD

Play it and see.

See above.

We were working on it together but the plan has fallen apart.

Sorry about this.

I'm going to be checking this now. Please head over to my page to see the updates for the game.


Just take out your old save file and download the game and then put back in your new save file.

The semi-final arc of the game has been made:

Diablos Realm is now accessible.

New armor and weapons have been implimented.

Racial change for Tatsuo.

The final heartstone can be found.

There is now an 'airship' for travel.

The dragon shrines have been imputted into the game.

All treasure maps treasures can be  found.

There are two secret areas the player can travel to in order to earn massive experience and gems.

Plus everything in the update section of the game.

Police Officer Path - Just play straight through the game.

Priest Path  - Help the priest when he asks

Gang Path -  Help out tiger gang boss down at the harbor

Story Quest - Reject the three paths on day four to participate in the Championship

You can now do all three of the original paths in one playthrough. You can now continue the game if you choose neither of the three endings, which will lead you to Silverwind Valley. If you've bonded with Jethro you'll get a lot of flavored text which will add to the storyline.


I haven't gotten an e-mail from you ye, just so you know.

If you've sent it, then please send it again with the title: Refund and your paypal.

That's fine. 

My email is

Send me your paypal on here with a email titled refund and I'll get back to you ASAP.

I apologize for this.

Please see if this will help you, if not, I can refund you your money if you have a paypal account.


Erase the file from the computer and then redownload it, because that seem like a programming error on the computer.

Can you give me a screenshot?

What seems to be the problem?

Everythig is on hold until I clean up the bugs and such.

Sorry for the inconvience. 

Download the new version and the issues will be fixed.

Download and then click on the 'game' icon. It should say Broken Chains. 

Should work now. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

I'm sure that was just your imagination. 

I'll repair this in the next update.

Sorry for the trouble.

I'll fix this in the next update.

Sorry for the trouble.

This is the wrong place. You have to go back through the four doors and try and go through them, as one will allow you to go down. If you can't I'll fix this in the next update.

Sorry for the trouble.


It's a bug. It'll be fixed in the next update at the end of this month.

Could you be a little more detailed by what you mean when you say too hard?

Do they hit for too much damage, because you can use anima for Otto and Akio, Tatsuo has the most armor.

Do you mean that bosses have too much health, because that I can shave down.

What level are you at and at which part are you in the game?

If you can tell me more details I can course correct many of these grievances. 

Hey there,

Glad you enjoyed the game. I fixed the errors you spoke of, so expect to see them in the next update coming in July!

Head to the pink colored apartment building at the port town. 

Also, glad you're enjoying yourself!

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Hey. Nice game you've got here. If I may offer some advice for it though.

1. Increase the health restored by items. I don't know if it was just me, or what, but it seemed like the longer I played the higher enemy damage was doing to me, so I was burning health restoration items just to get through the bandit area. This made it a slog to get through.

2. Do enemies grow in strength with the party? Because as I was going, certain enemies seemed to jump in strength for some reason, despite being weaker seconds earlier. If so, cut that, because it's making it worthless to keep fighting enemies, since they can do more damage to me, despite me trying to get an advantage on them level wise.

3. Please do something about Gerat's personality. He is just an unpleasant personality to deal with. Between whining about his situation, getting aggressive on the flip of the hat, and then berating Drey, I just couldn't stand his personality after we freed him from the bandit's cave, and gave up playing. I understand you want to have a tragic character, but please pick one character trait for him, because he's all over the play with his attitude, and it's hard sympathize with him, when he doesn't let you sympathize with him.

4. Make the percentage chance to inflict status ailments on enemies higher, because a 20% chance to inflict a status makes the skill in question rather worthless in battle. 

5. Lower enemy health. In an average battle an enemy should take no longer than 2-3 strikes to kill. With enemies in the game, they seemed to take longer and longer to kill, making it not worthwhile to kill them, especially since most don't drop alot of money. Also, do lower their attack damage. I encountered this flower that did 100+ damage to my characters, and considering Lex only has 400+ around level 5-6, it was nightmare dealing with them, since health potions that I can craft only do around 70+ Restoration. 

6. Give Drey some purpose in the story. So far, all he really does is react to the situations around him. Because of that, he's really boring for a character, since he's just free floating between scenes. Everything he does, so far, is just 'go here because X is happening'. Let him have some curiosity over the world around him, or desire for exploration, or lust for adventure, or SOMETHING!! Otherwise, he's not that interesting enough to want to see continue on this journey.

Overall, you have a good game here, and it seems like you'll go far with this. Keep it up, and good luck!

Technically no.

There are pictures, but you can't see anything explicit.