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Blue Dragon Dreaming

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Please redownload the game to see if it works properly.

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Not unless I get a large request for it, seeing as I've been told that the aftermath script makes some people's computers lag when it comes up.

Also, you're welcome!

Hope you have lots of fun!

Thanks for the review/comment!

I appreciate it! <3

Thank you, I really appreciate reading that!

Please come to my Discord:

Because I'm not sure what's happening here.

What version are you playing?

Ahh, okay. Let me check that.

You fought and beat Conrad, correct?

After that you should have been taken back to speak with Corsec, after that they'll be a scene.

Did you see this scene?

I'll keep this in mind going forward.

1. There's a day/night cycle, so you have an option of which enemy to fight. This was also made to make it easier to farm materials for crafting.

2. You can avoid battles that aren't bosses, seeing as enemies are visible.

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Finish the fairy questline by helping the miners, speak to Delita, and he will give you a new ship after your old one sinks. You need to lead the village first and you will see it sink.

Blue dragon? If you mean Levi, she is underneath your ship. Just go to it and you can get to next area from haunted islands.

Glad you enjoyed yourself,

and sorry that your power went out.

He'll only do so if you went to the dragon monument earlier on in the game after you encounter the blue dragon.

Yeah, it is a bit of a challenge battle.

Try leveling up at the mountain so you can get faster than the bull.

Then heal Ravalt first since he will automatically protect Pietro. 

Did the game crash? Because you should just go into 3 battles, and then get your reward?

Did something happen?

You get most of your more intimate scenes if you choose the dark path earlier on in the game when you get the tablet from the blue dragon.

1. There's an oral scene during the teenage years.

2. You can wrestle with Shazer.

3. You can watch Pietro paint nude. 

4. There's a threesome scene if Pietro defeat Conrad by himself.

5. There's an oral scene with a purple dragon in a void between dimensions.

Which camp, where?

I'm not honestly sure why that happens.


Go back behind the facility, like literally, walk onto the world map and then go behind it.


Sorry for the trouble!

Just posted Version .08.

If you have any save data from inside of the Clockwork Tower Dungeon, try reloading and seeing if it works from that point forward.

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Version .06 should have fixed that issue, please let me know if it does.

Issue should be fixed.

Please reload from last save, which should be after everyone takes their bath together.

Never mind.

I figured out what went wrong.

Please redownload and tell me if the fix works.

You shouldn't.

Did anything else happen before that where you got soft locked somewhere else?

Fixed the issue! The event didn't autorun.

Please redownload the game and let me know if it works.

I do apologize for this. 

(1 edit)

Ohhh, you do!

Give me your paypal and I'll refund you, that way you can buy the game again, if you want.

I'm going to do that once I publish my tenth game.

There should have been an automatic even for that part of the game.

I edited the file, so please download it and let me know if it works as intended.

Corrections had to be made on my patreon.

Yes it is!

Fixed the issue!

Thanks for letting me know.

Thank you for this!

Really appreciate it!

Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Overall, the game's story is a 'What If' sort of scenario. 


What if Zella took the entire championship seriously enough to sell himself over to a demon?

What if he lost his life, and yet got a chance to live again? What would he do with himself?

What if Zella died protecting his way of life, but was then brought back from the dead to be a tool for someone else's agenda.

As for Lorace, he's someone who keeps watch over the world, and the events therein.

Go to town and speak to the lizard in one of the houses. 

He'll tell  give you an item if your corruption is 70 or less.

Use this item to get pass the statue, but becareful, because you'll be thrown into a boss fight.

- - - -

As for the Paladin path, just don't do anything erotic:

No masturbating, no getting involved with the dancer in the pub, no getting involved with the goat up north, etc...


Once you start the corrupt path, you're set there.

I think it should be 255 for the base stats, and 9999 for HP, and 999 for MP.