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Awesome game guys! Couldn't find the second planet but I love the idea and graphics. Here is a video I made of it:

I kinda got lost on the heavy snow part but otherwise great job I love the graphics and music!

Here you go!

Here is the game link:

It seemed to be a problem with Three.js that it was not imported correctly. All levels work now!

Thank you so much and nice video!

Sorry! Didn't have too much during the 72 hours so I scrapped my initial platformer game and made this one. Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the tip. I didn't have too much time during the 72 hours to develop the game, but I will take that into account next time.

Thank you so much! Yes the wall physics was definitely not implemented correctly by any standards. I am a beginner so this was the best I could do in the allotted time.

I swear that's not me (ಥ﹏ಥ)

It was a small price to pay for this treasure

You deserve a medal

This was amazing....

Yeah I wasn't aware of that in the Unity Editor ;_; Thanks!

Thank you so much for playing and for the constructive criticism!