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For what it's worth, I'd be happy to assist with testing if you ever decide to add official Index support. But I can understand if you'd rather not get into it when you don't have one yourself.

Spotted this on Steam yesterday but decided to buy it here. Lovely experience. The art is very cute and it looks gorgeous on a Valve Index. Solid performance too (some slight frame drops at 120 Hz, but 90 Hz ran perfectly on my 1080 Ti).

Some minor bugs/issues I encountered while playing the game:

  • The controller models looked like Vive controllers, but with a floating/intersecting Index controller layout (similar to joehonkie's screenshot below).
  • At some point, after opening one of the buildings (maybe the bakery, can't remember) it did not close fully, and I was unable to open it again. I tried to reproduce this bug with other buildings, but I couldn't find a way.
  • After clicking the fan, the found object notification remained visible whenever the building was open.
  • I did not find the tourist center monster's hints to be very helpful, and it was sometimes unclear whether he was simply rambling or actually directing me to look in a particular place. I did eventually find everything on my own, except for the neon sun (looked that one up on YouTube).

Overall, I enjoyed the game a lot, and it makes me want to play and create more hidden object games in VR. Looking forward to Under a Juniper Sky.