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Absolutely loved this game super scary reminds me of five nights at freddy's a bit. The controls are great and overall the game looks amazing great game.

Great game love the art style the game looks and feels amazing. The soundtrack / music in the game is really good and the story is too. I did find a glitch where Franken Rusty got stuck on a table but apart from that great game.

good game?

Great game loved the art style looks like a children's game. I would love to see someone beat this its really difficult love the characters.

Good game loved the art style basic but very good the story to me was a bit confusing but i loved the game good job.

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Great game i love the pixel art style it fit very well with the game. The doors closing and sounds got me it was really scary for some reason to me it felt a lot like PT. At sometimes it was a bit confusing but apart from that great game.

Great game i love the style of this it feels a lot like Ben and Ed which i like sadly its a bit short. The character models are really nice they fit perfectly with the game and i love all of the little death animations. The puzzle solving is really nice but it needs more obstacles overall great game.

This is a pretty sad game the music / soundtrack is great and the narrator is brilliant fits with the mood really well also love the pixel art style  great game.

This game is incredible i love the creepy art style the loud sounds scared me a lot. It feels like one of those Creepypastas you read late at night and i love that feel great game.

The game was a bit short. i love the pixel art style the characters look so cute and the music is really nice and soothing great game also if you cant hear me in the video that was my fault i had the volume too loud. 

what are the specs for this game

Love this game really simplistic and scary

Nice name copy cat Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

this game looks amazing I have never seen the style like this but when i tried to play it for a video it ran like shit when i moved my mouse around it would constantly lag and i have a good gaming pc what should i do

Great game loved how the the dirt and grime randomly generated. The voice acting is hilarious and the voice of the foot just fits perfectly with the game. But the part i didn't like was you had to be dead accurate to get all the flies and that got annoying really quick. But apart from that i really enjoyed it . :) 

part 2 the end is really hard its like a rage game its hard to remember the patterns the cut scenes are amazing  and the ending is really cool.

Good game but needs more to it the sounds are creepy but there is just nothing to it

Love the game been waiting for it for a month now and it is great. It legitimately scared me i think it is your hardest game yet good job. 

Love the game it's terrifying love the Atari Style i recommend everyone who's into a horror to play this game great game.


great game love the pixelated Style always love to play a Horror Movie Videogame. the controls were a bit weird at first but i got used to them and it is a bit to hard to see where Danny covered his tracks but apart from that love the game.

Great game couldn't complete it after the lights turn off the creature is around every corner. voice acting a little weird at times and the ending is a bit of a let down to me but apart from that good game.

Really enjoyed the game always nice to see a horror movie get turned into a video game.Its short and sweet and the look of the characters are really well done. The controls felt a bit weird at times but maybe that's just me. Ash seems a bit hard to get close to with his foot and gun and chainsaw but most likely done to increase the playtime. Overall great game recommend this to anyone who loves horror movies or the evil dead great job.

weird but amazing

love the game wasn't expecting the ending

great little game check it out

can't wait love your games haven't seen much of Courage the Cowardly Dog though but from what i have seen its weird and creepy can't wait. :)

LOVE your games so so much please make more i really enjoyed this one funny but scary keep doing what your doing. :)

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bunky is such a great game like all of your others keep on making games and ill keep on playing them

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great game loved it cant wait to play bunky

oh of course i would love to play it was going to play tunky today anyway so why not thanks 

Love all your games so good 

amazing game once again

great game

loved 3am at the krusty krab so much i had to play another keep it up.

a very strange but great game 

I didnt think i would love this little game as much as i did great game going to go check out your other ones :)