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What was this game lol 

This game was great i love your art style and all the meme references you put into this game. This was really fun and difficult at times especially at the end. Everything ran smooth for me and there were no bugs or glitches except for maybe a coin going into the ground or something. The music was great and overall i enjoyed the whole experience. This game took me 2 hours and i really enjoyed it.

Great game

Great game i liked the old vhs style and the whole living dead theme i hope you keep expanding to this because this was great.

Great game this was a lot harder than your other ones and it took me an hour definitely a good challenge. The jumpscares got me and the overall feel to the game was just spooky great for halloween lol. 

Great game i loved the creepy vhs style it almost looked real this is a awesome short little disturbing horror game. I don't know what else to say other than it was amazing.

Great game i loved the ambience and the music you used in this game and i loved the characters you chose. The whole game has a holloween spooky feel to it and the easter eggs made me laugh. It's not too hard and not too easy it's a nice fun little dlc to 3am great game.


Great game i love the saw feel and creepy vibe to this game. That spider part was great i hate spiders so that made me feel a little scared and that's exactly what a horror game should do. The story was pretty weak and i didn't really care for the guys

girlfriend but apart from that i really liked it.


Great game i love the art style of this and the simplistic feel of the game. It's nice and short and sweet. There is a bit of a creepy feel to this game and is awesome overall great game.

Great game i love this new take on scooby horror i liked the hiding mechanic and the new dialogue. I found no bugs and overall just had a really good time i can not wait to play chapter 2. This game is really interesting and i love the story you made. i also love the song XD

Great game i don't know why i loved this so much i guess it was because it was so funny not letting people out and messing around with the physics. I don't think that there was anything i disliked about the game.

Great game i loved chapter 2 it was WAY easier and the visuals were great i don't really have much to say other than i really enjoyed it and i can't wait for chapter 3


Great game i hated the wheelchair xD It was a pretty hard game to beat but i felt so good after beating it. I loved the soundtrack and the outlast and pixel game feel i thought it was too hard at first but after a while it got easier to remember the layout of the map. The only things i disliked about it was the falling over glitches but apart from that i loved it great game.


Can you walk up the stairs?

Great game i love the nes feel and art style. This game is really difficult but i love it the sound effects were great too. The only thing i disliked was that i got pretty confused.

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Great game the jumpscares were scary and the look and feel to the game was just overall spooky. This was really fun to play but also really hard. I loved it the only thing i disliked was the difficulty and some of the controls.

Great game i loved it i love the art style and the whole idea in general i would love you to make more and keep putting in different movies. I dont know how hard that would be for you though. The soundtrack was great and it left me wanting more great game.

This is amazing XD

Hard mode

I came back to complete all 5 endings 

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My new goal  is to be on the thanks to these people list XD

Great game this is amazing really scary and fun i liked the characters and the whole map Viktor was creepy and even scarier when your answering questions because you know he is right behind you. I feel like this game has much more to it than people think so i will definitely be playing more great game

Great game i love the style of it and the jumpscares really got me and the controls are easy to follow. The only things i didn't like was that high pitched noise and that the power on the detector runs out too quick. But apart from that i really enjoyed it great game

Great game i just love how you remade everything up to even the easter egg you are fucking amazing i dont really have anything bad to say about this game except its hard i guess anyway this game was amazing

Great game it reminds me a lot of P.T. The story was scary and the graphics were amazing the jumpscares got me and it was overall just a really good game at parts i got a bit confused but apart from that it was amazing great game.

Great game i always love the pixel style games and this was no exception. The controls were great and the whole story was just creepy most of the jumpscares got me. I have never played a game like this. The only thing i didn't like was that i got a bit confused but apart from that i loved it great game.

Great game sorry I didn't make this video sooner but stuff got in the way. I love the style of your games it's just different. It was pretty short and easy but I liked it anyway the characters were really good too. I don't know what else to say other than it's a really good game and I enjoyed it.

same i can not play I followed every step in the Tutorial Video and it still wont work. Why?

Great game i thought it was really funny and i enjoied the soundtrack the game is overall really good but sadly i skipped the cutscene.

Hey thanks for checking out the video i will try my best to find jason it might take an hour though XD And thank you for making amazing games as always :)