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It's extremly unfinished and didn't turn out how i hoped but i still posted it

AMAZING GAME, extremly scary and well made, the fact that you introduce an enemy to combat players just spraying everywhere is genius. My friends like to call this game "Bust a nut everywhere until you find coin"

Really good presentation, cool concept, i love the mechanic that lets you test moves ahead, i wish the camera moved smoothly tho, and also maybe it should be more fast paced, maybe you could add so you can move faster and be able to hold down buttons to keep moving! :D

Really good graphics and presentation, pretty fun to play too, though a bit confusing at fist. This game would benefit a lot if it had a tutorial

Very good concept and story. With a little more work on the visuals and gameplay it could be a really fun game

Thanks for the feedback! I will look into that and rework the camera system a little. I will also add an option for automatic camera follow instead of manual for people who want that :)

Thanks for playing, i will continue working on it until it becomes a full game after the jam!

Well this was a 48 hour GameJam, i was running out of time. This was definetly a great challange for me because of my slow pace workflow. 

GameJam games are supposed to be more like proof of concepts. I think this was a success i entered excited and left with a great game concept! :D

Thank you for playing, i added a lazy controls menu in the corner of the pause menu, i do intend to continue working on it until it becomes a full game. Now that the jam is over and i have no time limit i can add good graphics, lots of puzzles and more mechanics.

It's very confusing but i think that's good because it adds to the challange, also i somehow glitched outside the map because i got a really fast speed and found an "uwu" easter egg

Thanks for checking it out! It means a lot to me! Like i mentioned in the description and game info, i will continue working on this, adding sound effects, some calm music, lots of puzzle combinations and new game mechanics, variable tweaking, and definetly LOTS of easter eggs. I just wanted to get this proof of concept out there fast before the deadline!

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Absolutely beatiful in all aspects, good levels(though sometimes hard), really good music, cute graphics. I loved your game in the last jam too!

Good Graphics, seems really fun, though the pacing seems really slow sometimes.