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Also, use the same pixel ratio for the game. The background looks a bit weird compared to the character because the pixel ratio is different. It just doesn't fit with the art style that well.

I don't think it was unrelated. The game jam theme was game loop.


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The ball's Y velocity just stopped at one point, and it barely moved on each bounce. Cool game though.

I can get stuck inside the map. The controls are a bit weird. Cool game idea though.

You need to get 15 levels, not eggs. 

Thanks! It's part of the game design I guess.



Maybe a jump-o-meter? I think I could do that with a sequel. I would have to ask lonely rock if he wants to though.

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Thanks! Lonely rock did most of the visuals and he did a pretty good job!

Oh, I should add that! Thanks!

The ability to sprint/run would have been good. I found it hard to walk slowly everywhere.

Yes, the player loses a large portion of their velocity when they hit the ground! Like real life.


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Not bad for a first-game jam!

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Interesting game! Maybe export to web so more people can play it.

I can't really move very well. Very tough controls.

I can't seem to be able to move and jump. I'm not sure if that's intended though.

That would be epic!

This is really good! One of the few 3d games in the jam!

A jump-o-meter would be very useful. (a meter that shows how far the frog is going to jump)

Welcome to chicken missile defense system! Great game!

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Cool game! Sound effects would have been good.

Great game! Good game art, music. I kept dying close to the finish line though lol.

Amazing game! Good art, and great sound!

Interesting game! It was very grindy however, and I wasn't able to finish it.

Awesome game! I'm not going to spoil all the locations, but it was a bit hard to find some. Amazing pixel art, good music, and good SFX. Good job!

Awesome game!

Great game with cool mechanics! Although, sometimes the character can clip through a wall jump and go really high. 

Great relaxing game! Great art style!

There is no way that I found to remove the bug where the player can bounce higher from the corner. Maybe this can be a feature? Thanks.

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This would make for a great mobile game! However, it's hard to start the game because the player dies right after they don't react in time. Maybe put the orange in the middle of the screen to allow for an easier start.

This would make a good mobile game! refused to connect. The weblink doesn't work.

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It makes sense after you know what it is, but it is probably harder for a new player.

This game is awesome! Although the controls are a bit weird, the game is pretty good. This game has a simple objective and is easy to learn.

Amazing game. Great puzzles!