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Blue K

A member registered Apr 23, 2019

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Stand Master: David Gibson

Stand: Blue Knight

Namesake: Stand represents the tarot called "The Knight of Swords", 

Power: A

Speed :C

Range: B

Durability: C

Precision: A

Potential: B

Stand Appearance: A Cyan- Colored Suit of armor With Green eyes, the Gauntlets are not visible. the stand does not have an inside, apart from his armor.


Sword Conversion: Blue Knight turns into a Long sword that The user can wield. nobody can pull away the sword, or attempt to steal it. This sword has a Blue + black hilt.

1000 Stabs: Blue Knight Stabs the enemy/stand 1000-400 times, piercing armor every 40th stab. the last stab is capable of Dealing a large amount of damage to the target, but only if The user has sustained a large amount of damage too. 

Requiem: Cyanide Ace

Now representing the Ace Of Swords card, A Metal Swordsman transforms from the armor, with a dark blue cloak, black boots, and plated knee armor. Durability somehow changes to B, Speed Increases to B, and 1000 Stabs upgrades to 2000 stabs, where every 20th hit pierces armor, and the last stab is now guaranteed to deal a large amount of damage to the target.

Stand Cry (1000 Stabs only - Imadani!

User - Alright, Lets do this.