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Hey, Rohit, thank you so much for this, I really appreciate this thing you've worked on!  It's really important to me to open this comment about bugs with that, because I want to contextualize the rest as being little nerd nitpicks that are towered over by my gratitude for this cool thing.  Good job!!!!

Okay now that this sounds less like I'm a crank poking holes in this:  I echo crosshair scaling, and also IMO the console itself should scale.  All the 2D elements should scale, I think?

I don't think I noticed the text sound in the menus being that different, but it may have been.  I do recall the pre-steam version having that sound be jarringly loud and maybe distorted somehow.

The big audio issue for me is ambient sound effects are noticeably louder relative to voice callouts and gunshoots than they are in the base GOG version.  It may be an attenuation thing, given that it seems very abrupt how quickly they disappear outside of their areas of effect.

Anyway, cutscene and console FOV is a huge huge fix, so let me wrap up by saying:

just beat the sphere boss and got the backflip sneakers and this is an absolute delight so far, thank you for making it.

Just in case anyone else wants to transfer their saves to another machine or back them up in the cloud or whatever, and isn't a huge dork like me who immediately thought "ah I will use process monitor to check where the exe is reading/writing the saves from," the build stores your saved games in "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\GeographyOfRobots\norco\SaveData".

I actually had a very weird experience migrating from the GOG version a friend shared with me to the itch version I paid for to support the devs after it hooked me, because the GOG build stores the save files in just "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\GeographyOfRobots\norco" with no subdirectory.  Very strange that that's different.

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my discord is [removed now that contact was made]  :)

some pals and i are doing a one-shot on tuesday july 6th at 7pm eastern US time on discord voice, if you're available/interested i'll give you my discord info :)