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I now have a partner ^u^

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Hey, I participated in this jam last year and am hoping to have some fun again this year. However, as both a lackluster coder and an eternally stressed college student, I'm looking to maybe join a group this time as an artist. I can use a drawing tablet or my mouse, depending on the challenge level we're going for. Feel free to reply to me here or send me a message on the paint jam discord, I'm BloonstheCat there too. 

Also I'm in CST when it comes to timezones, but am pretty versatile on time.

Is this a horror game??

It took me a crash, a restart, and 100 more seconds to realize that the little blue arrow was directing me towards the people. Great game, I'm just an idiot.

First level: 100% pfft this is easy, I'll just zoom through the rest of it

Second level: 57% what

honeysucc and kylo look great!

Alrighty! Can't wait to see what it is :)

Though my personal laptop is Windows, I work on a Mac during the daytime and so i might be able to help. When it comes to macs, there are a few free programs that are similar to paint. One's called paintbrush, which is really only good on older OS as it's somewhat outdated. A site I found called acorn has a newer program that's similar to paint, it costs money but there's a free trial that you could use for the jam: I've also heard something about a painting tool within safari, but I don't know much about it. Otherwise, as Yukon said, you could easily use a program like Gimp to create the art as long as it has an ms paint feel, as long as you follow the basic ms paint rules. Hope that helps!

Two Questions:

Is there going to be a theme?

Are there any particular judging guidelines we should follow? To elaborate, is the judging criteria something we want to follow, or is it based on fun level, etc.

Simply a work of art