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I like the paper-cut style, it is good for game jam and fit the game. All action is in a doll machine should be a mechanize feeling normally but the paper-cut style makes the game looks different and give me different feeling.

The spinning pliers is scary. After few death the player can learn it's hebavior and try to avoid being hit.

There are lots of easter eggs on the decorations.
I win! Yeah!

The character is cute but the game is really really hard, I means too hard for me.
Let the enemy shoot each other and pick up the light source to transform the enemy is a good idea. After the player get the key to dodge and complete four transformation, the game go into the second phase and it become harder. I can't get any further but still I like the art style.

Give me Easy Mode I want to win!

Highly completion game. Great art style and sound effects makes the whole game world vivid. 

Classic monster design with chasing, jumping, ground changing and shooting bullets.  And one slime down makes more enemies comes up with different threat combination, in the same time more cactus! So hard but I love it.

ps. Damage detection still have some problem, that I use some trick to let the ball bounce between the slime and the wall to hit them more than one time per shot but sill count as one.

This is great. Really good level design, the game is playable while some traps makes me die for countless times.
Cute art style, even the dragon is cute.

One thing I have to mention is that the boss attack should be predictable. Use some animation or sound effect to warn the player should be better. I die few times after I got the sword chasing the dragon and suddenly being killed after I closer to the dragon.

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Interesting game, funny music and animation. The police officer lie down if the player is dead, and the boss kneel down when he get hit, these details really make me laugh.
If the player could throw the bomb would be better. Pick up, put down, move to another corner, these step takes at 3 turn at least, so it kind of limitation for player to get closer to the bomb and use them.

The boss AI seems broken if he get closer to the edge and the whole game will stuck. Hope you guys can fix it quickly. Till now it is a little bit depressed if the boss only left 1 hit point and the game break down.

By the way, I love the game trailer.

I really love the hand drawing cutscene, a touched sad story. And the vaporwave music style is good.

The main character has a really good detail in differ direction facing. Reflect the bullet to the the shooter himself is not a new idea but refer to the story of this game is suitable.
(Spoiler: you have to kill the zombie to save the girl but the girl has became a zombie)

Somehow the "avoid jump" did not work very well, it can't get neither a instant movement profit nor enough invincibility frame for bullet proof.

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Really took me some time to figure out how to fight those bats.
The Axe visual effect is good.
Only one scene but still has great atmosphere because of the game art and lighting.
Both the boss and the main character have a health bar and have a effect when getting hit.

The game have good BGM but lack of sound effects makes the game seems less juicy.

It will be better if you can add a slow mode for moving, like change the velocity while pressing shift.

Dont let the image fools you if you think this game is simple.

Actually this game has everything that a game should have. The narrate is really good. Although there isn't any audio in this game yet, but the dialog read like their are actually talking and be really vivid with different colors and text motions.

While you are playing, the change of the scene environment fit with the interaction style and those pump up achievement gives great feedbacks to the player.

The puzzle design is pretty good. Combine with the order of the boxes placement, leading or blocking the winds and the original direction observation. Simple mechanism but works really well.

I spend hours on breaking through all the 24 puzzles. Nice game!

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Love your art style! The map is not big but with various type of land and characters. Great!

I wonder if the puzzle can give them an item to exchange another one the game will be better!