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The controls aren't the WORST I've seen...but the clipping was killer.

THANK YOU. I can't tell you how annoying it was when even a tiny little flick of my mouse sent the cursor jolting to the other side of the screen! Trying to creep along (in order to keep it from spazzing out) just slowed the game down to a crawl.

Slow movement, and I could barely see the questions (even when I was getting them correct). I honestly don't think this game is worth another play-through.

I played this game through Steam... Oversimplified, insensitive and EXTREMELY manipulative...the story in this game is horrible. Not even the beautiful artwork/music can save it.

The themes of suicide and depression can't just be sprinkled into a story (like sprinkling seasoning on your food). You either go in-depth (in an empathetic manner) or leave them be; careless handling of these subjects can actually be damaging to those playing the game (whether you have a trigger warning at the start or not).

I thought I was completely jaded when it came to horror games, but that actually made me jump a little. Nice job. ;)