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loved this game, even beat it on hard mode. there needs to be a bigger steam release. its funny and awesome

having a small issue with trying to do the Hal and penelope thing. their vibe quest isn't showing up on the board as the girl guide says

love this game. it has good humor, and a very good story. it keeps me focused and is also very heavy in a good way. there are times where i really do feel for the MC, sometimes to the point of tears honestly. keep it up, i love it. these games are perfect to play right before bed in my opinion.

i saw a youtuber playing this game and it just looks so damn cool

looking forward to it. this is a game i am planning on buying very very soon

will there be more aliens added? will this be put on steam?

fresh save

by foot

okay. hey i am encountering a bug. when i go to the old church to get that one thing for the uncle, nothing happens. if i recall in older versions its supposed to get dark and theres a ghost girl who pops up. now nothing. i even exited the game and re launched it. maybe i broke the game by completing other things first like took the MCs sister to the beach and got debbie to neutral

any chance for a walkthrough?

i keep getting this crash every time "ScriptError: Name (u'game/animations_and_flags.rpy', 1547521970, 1) is defined twice, at game/animations_and_flags.rpyc:3 and game/scripts/animations_and_flags.rpyc:3."

so is it possible to fully train lin in everything before the competition? like in handjob, footjob, and anal? i wanna train her to win obviously

if the friendship is the heart then it says 27.

will a semi harem ending or individual ending be considered? like maybe you fool around with the others but there will eventually start being choices that show you care about a little more that would lead to a semi harem/individual ending? i know chumee is one i'd like to explore the ending of, or maybe the dwarf woman.

okay i am stuck. i can't figure out how to increase the friendship anymore with kali or lin. i don't see any more prompts to *talk*, and i've completed everyone else. can i get a walk through of some kind?

thanks :)

can't figure out how to win the water gun fight. i have chengs mix, just no idea when to put it in the gun

wish i could prepay for when this game gets released. i love it so far.